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#TruprintDads | Precious Moments in Time

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Pinterest has a lot to answer for! When Truprint approached me about using their online photo service to create something special for Father's Day I jumped at the chance. Sadly they ended the memo with "be as creative as possible" and that was it, I was on a mission! I found lots of creative ideas but nothing that shouted Daddy Moo. Until I stumbled across a tutorial which created a little accordion inside a pocket watch. I knew this was the perfect gift!  

There were lots of different tutorials out there and I made lots of errors and adjustments until I finally had something I was pleased with. I bought a broken pocket watch on eBay for a few £.  It need a good clean and still had it's inners but I thought it wouldn't be too hard to take them out. It wasn't but I did sadly damage the clasp meaning the front doesn't close properly.  If I was to make another I think I'd buy one from a carboot or charity shop whereby I'd be able to inspect it beforehand.

truprintdads pocket watch

I also damaged part of the watch face when I tried to snip of the copper pins at the back. You can see this in the end product some of the enamel has come off leaving the copper on show but to be honest, I think it adds to the charm. I still have the pocket watch mechanism I might use it to make a necklace or something steampunk later.  I ordered 15 different prints in the wallet size (they are 99p each but you get 4 of the same image on one sheet. I made a mistake with a few but mostly have 2/3 images left to do something with later.)

truprintdads photos

Following a few tutorials I used the watch face to create a template for cutting out my images. However these were actually far too large to fit inside. Using a piece of paper I created a template of where I was going to glue the accordion. I didn't realise until I had glued ALL the images onto fabric that I probably should have cut the images just a little bit smaller than my template. It was also suggested to cut out a blank image to glue inside the watch as the base, which I did. Some tutorials used folded card and some fabric to create the accordion. I decided to go with fabric as I have some heavy duty white fabric from Ikea and I figured card would soon start wearing with unfolding. I glued with pva craft glue all the images in a row with the blank at the end and left to dry. 


I also gave the casing a good polish with Brasso and it turned out lovely and shiny. I recommend doing this before you start adding your images as it can be messy and needs a buffing after and time to dry.  Using hot glue I stuck the turner back onto the top of the pocket watch, it doesn't turn anymore but it looks authentic. 

I soon realised that all 15 images in a row on quite sturdy material was not going to fit inside this pocket watch. I decided to ditch the blank image and glue the final image directly onto the back. I also glued one of the images onto the back of the watch face.  I then peeled off (this is where I lost one or two) a couple of images and glued them on the back of another image. I really didn't want to lose any so now when it pulls out you have 6 images on one side and 6 on the other. I superglued the pocket watch face back into its original spot (as this pocket watch has no glass if you had a glass face you could leave it out) and that is that! 

truprint photo end collage

I think you will agree it looks amazing! I am really pleased with how it turned out. I plan on getting a chain so that Daddy Moo can hang this beauty up in his office or maybe a pocket watch stand. 

If you are inspired to be creative this Father’s Day, save up to £30 discount on your Truprint order using the code LOVEMYDAD.  Final delivery date is 15th June to guarantee arrival in time for Father's Day. 

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  1. this is fab - love how you did it!!

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  2. What a great idea. I'm sure it'll be very well received.

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  3. This is an absolutely gorgeous idea - what a great keepsake for Daddy Moo :)

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