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Open Farm Sunday | 30 Days Wild | Day 7

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Open Farm Sunday is a national event it is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old, to meet the farmers who grow their food and care for the countryside.  We decided to go and visit a local arable farm in Cranborne.  There were lots of static tractors about for the children to climb in and on! In the barn there were buckets full of rape seed, corn, wheat and barley so the children could see and feel the difference between the growing item, the harvested item and how we eat it! 

#ofs15 tractor tyres

It's important to check your growth against a tractor tyre

combine harvester

Even the 7 of us in a line holding hands we couldn't stretch as far as from one end to the other of a combine harvester. We got up inside the cabin. It was really high! Megan was not impressed! 

#ofs15 #30dayswild hanging out with the gang! @chelseamamma took this pic and er all the others I'll share 😜

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We went for a ride on the tractor and saw all the fields full of rape seed, wheat and barley. We learnt about the 2 metre gap in a filed where you see lots of long grass and wild flowers like poppies. This is to give the birds who burrow and nest on the ground (like partridges) places to hide from predators. We'd actually seen a huge buzzard resting on a fence whilst driving down to the farm. 

pound farm cranborne

We also ran around inside the large store barn which was empty! It made lots of great echo noises! We also met the sheep and cows.   

It was really interesting to see and learn a bit more about a working farm.  Did you get a chance to visit a farm this Sunday? What wild things did you get up to this weekend? Check out everyone's adventures on twitter using the hashtag #30dayswild 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Photos taken by Kara from ChelseaMamma

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  1. We visited the farm at Norden but there wasn't a massive amount to see, yours looks much busier! #countrykids

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