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Magna Carta! Super Charter! | 30 Days Wild

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Magna Carta! Super Charter!

Unless you have been living under a rock then you have probably been listening to this song for months now! Horrible Histories has a fantastic way of making history funny and interesting, Moo has been asking lots of questions about the Magna Carter and for us it's been a learning experience too. The children's school has strong ties with the local church (even sharing the same name) every month we go to a Messy Church session whereby the children learn something via the medium of craft, eat a picnic dinner and hang with their friends. This month the church had organised an outing to Salisbury as part of the 800 years of the Magna Carta celebration. We decided to take part and I'm really glad we did.

 old sarum

A coach took us from West Moors to Old Sarum in Salisbury which is a National Heritage site (Old Sarum is the site of the earliest settlement of Salisbury in England appearing in some of the earliest records in the country) As we got off the coach we were handed a programme and a Magna Carta Seal King John 1215 pin (which the children all wore to school yesterday!). We found somewhere among the ruins to eat our picnic and the children ran around exploring.


#30dayswild scaling a mountain (ok a little hill covered in long grass!!)

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Always time to do a spot of #30dayswild and hide in some long grass

twt 30 days wild_countdown_14

At 2pm there was a short sermon and then we made our way to Salisbury Cathedral. The walk was 2.5 miles and took us just over and hour. There route was safe for the children and there was lots to see we spotted some trout in the river and a family of ducklings. Once into Salisbury we spotted a Baron or two. There are 25 in total I think we found 4, all decorated by local artists.


Our Reverend Andrew met us at the Cathedral (with pushchairs and 10 children between us we brought up the rear of the 100 odd people who took the pilgrimage) and explained in very plain English to the children about the Magna Carta (Great Charter). He also told us about how special Salisbury's was as it had been forgotten about for 500 years locked in a draw. When it was found 300 years ago it looked brand new! All 3500 words scripted in Latin clean and crisp. There are only 4 surviving copies of the original Magna Carta! After an ice-cream we decided to go and take a look inside the Cathedral.


After a short sermon we made our way back to our coach. We live in such a historically rich country, it's important to share these milestones with our children.


Showing @davidgiltrow my picture from today and he'd taken the same shot!! #freaky #Salisbury #cathedral #magnacarta800

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So what is the Magna Carta?

  1. The Magna Carta was a document that set out a list of basic rules about how the country would be run.

  2. They were written in a short hand Latin with no punctuation or grammar which is how 3500 words made it onto one piece of sheep skin.

  3. It was signed by King John (with his seal) which meant that the clauses named applied to everyone including the King. No-one was above the law.

  4. Not many of these rules still exist, out of 63 only 3 rules are still part of our law today.

  5. The Magna Carta created the idea that a law should be in place.

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  1. what a fab idea for an outing. We visited salisbury recently but the traffic was so bad we stuck to only visiting the Waitrose cookery school there which my son was booked into. We did go to Old Sarum last year and loved it - I found it to be more special than Stonehenge for me. x

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