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Last Minute Father's Day Gift | Rust-Oleum

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Need a last minute #FathersDay gift? I'm currently creating something easy peasy! #makeityours @makeitrustoleum

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Father's Day can be a super pain in the bum, not only because men are hard to buy for FACT! But it's also in the summer term a mist sports day, school shows, summer fêtes and the all important settling in days in new classes. So one could be forgiven for forgetting all about Father's Day and cross those fingers that the children come home with a plethora of handmade goodies. BUT don't fret I can show you how to make something super cute with a few items.

rustoleum fathers day glass

What you will need:

  • Clean beer glass (these were 60p each in the supermarket) or anything else you fancy decorating you could try terracotta plant pots or I picked up this cute little bird seed feeder.

  • Rust-Oleum Chalkboard brush paint (also available as a spray paint) I had both! Rust-Oleum sent me some spray but I already had a tin of paint.

  • Paint brush or sponge

  • Thick piece of paper

  • Scissors

  • Pen/pencil

  • Rust-Oleum Low Tack Adhesive (which is my new favourite thing and I've used in another project!)

  • Newspaper

rustoleum low tack adhesive

Attach your stencil onto the glass using the low tack adhesive.

How to make your moustached beer glass:

  1. Using your pen and paper, mark out your chosen moustache shape making sure it will fit the glass

  2. Using scissors, cut out your moustache shape to create a stencil

  3. Ensure your glass is clean and dry

  4. Secure your stencil to the glass with Rust-Oleum Low Tack Adhesive (following the instructions on the can) ensuring all parts of the stencil are bonded. Cover any remaining parts you do not wish to paint

  5. Move your glass to a well-ventilated area and place on top of the newspaper

  6. Using Rust-Oleum Chalkboard brush paint, apply a small amount of paint on your brush or sponge – it is best to build up the colour gradually. Remove excess paint onto a paper towel until the brush appears dry. Lightly apply the paint in a swirling motion, using a clean stencil brush or sponge. Apply a few light coats a couple of minutes apart

  7. Once dry, finish with a Father’s Day message and you will have created the perfect gift!

 fathers day beer glass craft

Peel off the stencil carefully 


  • I found it easier to use the paint and paint brush. Although the spray gives a lovely even texture on these fiddly jobs I found I had a few incidents where the spray bleed under the stencil.

  • Have a wet sponge, wet wipes and a dry cloth on hand. You can easily wipe off any bleeds, runs before the blackboard spray/paint starts to set. This helps keep those crisp stencil lines.

  • Use card! For the first moustache I used paper and I found this was too thin and there were a few bleeds, however with the second on thick card I didn't find this.

  • Do this craft outside where it's well ventilated and utilise the sunny day to dry the chalkboard paint.


 fathers day drying

Leave to dry

The great thing about this project is once you have the chalkboard paint and low tack adhesive you can pretty much make anything! Think end of term teacher gifts, Christmas pressies you are on to a winner now! (There are lots of ideas on Pinterest for using chalkboard paint!)

 (Once dry will upload a finsihed image here)

Rust-Oleum products are available from Homebase, B&Q and other leading stockists.

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  1. Oooh, I'm thinking you could make a nice label-shaped stencil and paint onto storage jars or plastic boxes ... Kids bedrooms, kitchen, garage, bathroom would all be beautifully organised!! ?

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  2. sophie

    excellent idea! they look great. Sophie xx

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  3. Looks fab & what a clever idea!

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  4. Excellent idea! Hope the recipient likes it! #pocolo. See, does work!

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  5. these look cool! What a fabulous idea - hope Daddy Moo likes them

    Posted on

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