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Fabric Covered Box | Hillary's Craft Competition

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I am fast becoming an avid crafter recycler!! It's satisfying turning something redundant into something useful. I entered the Hillary's Craft Competition with all intense and purpose of using the gorgeous Daisy Pistachio to make some cushion covers. But I decided instead to turn a plain cardboard box (which I was going to throw away) into somewhere to store all those odds and ends that clutter up my desk.

hillarys craft comp

I am a bit of a doer and cross my fingers so if you find my instructions hard to follow there are plenty of tutorials on pinterest on how to cover a box in fabric.

 covering a box in fabric

I used a thin fabric to cover the inside this was pretty easy. I cut 5 pieces one to fit the bottom and 4 for the sides. Using Rust-Oleum low tack adhesive I sprayed the box and smoothed the fabric over. I used PVA glue in the corners. I started with the bottom of the box then the sides. For the sides I cut the fabric just a bit longer than the box, folding it over the edge and using PVA glued it down.

 inside box covered in fabric

I left this to dry over night then started on the outside. The Hillary's fabric is a lot thicker than the spotty one from my party bag stash. I also fired up the hot glue gun for this. For the first side I started by using the PVA to glue the fabric to the bottom of the box. I then pulled it tight and folded it over the rim and back into the box. I used the hot glue to hold the fabric down and give nice crisp corners. I repeated this on the opposite side. Then turned the box upside down and folded the corners over and hot glued these down.

 hillarys half covered

The Hillary's fabric frays a lot! So I decided to sew a seem on the last 2 pieces so the pieces fit the sides exactly no over lay onto the other sides.

 sewn hillarys fabric

I glued the bottom down with PVA pulled it tight and then hot glued the fold over inside. Sewing the fabric game it a crisp clean line and blends nicely.   

 finished hillarys box

Now to fill it with rubbish in the office! 

This is my entry into the Hillary's Craft Competition

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  1. Great up cycling work Joanne! Very cute!

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  2. love it - can you make me one?

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  3. Love your organising ideas...and such a pretty box.

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