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#GreenGiantMinions | Cooking with Children

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The brand new Minions movie hits the cinemas on June 26th and to celebrate Green Giant asked us to create some Minion-inspired summer snacks! Ekkk with sweetcorn! I'm not a big fan of sweetcorn myself and struggled to think of something to do! But I found a recipe on Netmums for sweetcorn and cheese pancakes and thought I'd give those a try! 

What do you need :

sweetcorn pancakes


  • 100g Flour 
  • half a tin of sweetcorn
  • spring onions
  • cheese 
  • butter 
  • milk
  • 1 egg

sweetcorn pancake


  1. First make a normal pancake batter using the flour, egg and milk. Add the milk slowly and stir in between. 
  2. Once you have a nice smooth batter add the chopped up spring onions and grated cheese. 
  3. Heat a tiny bit of butter in a pan and add a dollop of mixture
  4. Flip over  
  5. We decorated our pancakes to look like Minions before we ate them! 

minion sweetcorn pancake

And Megan created a Minion Sweetcorn Pancake song! 

#greengiantminions come on singalong if you're a minion and you like #sweetcorn #pancake

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These make a great after school snack and the batter can stay in the fridge chilling for 24 hours. Fancy making your own Minion food creation then check out the hashtag #GreenGiantMinions 

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