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What Family Occasions are Worth Saving For?

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There are 5 of us (eekkk how did that happen!) plus George the cat and Daisy the rabbit. All 3 moo's do extra activities swimming, ballet, tap, beavers, cubs. Then there is food, bills and just generally living! We also moved in September so have been doing up the house BUT all our major appliances seem to be falling apart since we moved we have had to replace the TV, cooker and fridge and lets just say the washing machine is sounding ropey! We started to redo the kitchen in February but have had to put that on hold! There is always something to suck away the hard earned cash!

Legal and General asked me to think about what family occasions are worth saving up for?

saving for

I'm guessing most people would say Christmas but I actually don't save for this. I normally shop in Tesco, years ago I opted to receive my vouchers once a year in November. Last year with the double up I had £200 which made a massive dent in buying presents for the children. I also save my nectar points and then spend these points on food and drink for Christmas Day.

Luckily all of us (bar Daddy Moo who is Christmas Eve) have our birthdays spread out over the year. So I'm always picking up bits and pieces all year round for birthday presents, I also save prizes if I ever win anything! Megan has a month until her birthday and other than a new bike I don't have anything else to buy!

So what occasion do I save up for?

Days out (we recently went to Legoland for the first time), holidays (our last big one was to Disneyland Paris) and most importantly the Summer Holidays. Being self employed is not easy when you have 3 children to look after all day and most nights I'm exhausted! After Olive's birthday in May I start to squirrel away money ready for the long 6 weeks. I book and pay for things in advance now meaning during the holidays we have something planned and I'm not stressing about spending money too! Also booking 6 weeks in advance can save you lots of cash! I'm already booking days out in Nottingham when we go to the Robin Hood Festival and booking train tickets to London.

Robin Hood characters

I like to be organised but I also like to have money available if we decide on the hop to go out for dinner or lunch. Or an event crops up I've not factored in for after all the summer holidays are suppose to be fun!

What family occasions do you save up for? 


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