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Lighthouse Poole Panto | Peter Pan

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This will be the third year that we have been gearing up to the Lighthouse Poole's Panto last year's Robin Hood was met by huge fans, we even got to meet the cast! Olive and Megan also sent and received love notes from Maid Marion which of course made the experience even more magical! Megan is determined when she is old enough to try out as a dancer meaning Panto could get even more exciting for us!

So this year the panto is ….. PETER PAN! The most important questions are when it comes to panto who is in it!? And this year Lighthouse, Poole haven't disappointed.

By Hook or by crook...! Having played DCI Burnside in The Bill for five years actor Christopher Ellison is used to catching crooks, but he’ll be on the other side of the goodie/baddie divide when he plays Captain Hook. Chris can’t wait to play one of theatre’s classic bad guys.

Hook is a great part to play, a really good baddie,” he says. “People always say it because it’s true, but baddies really are the best roles. I’ve always played villains ever since I began in The Sweeney in the 1970s – even Burnside, he was a bad cop really; he just made people feel safer because he could make everything better. He’s about as far from me as it’s possible to be!

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Chris, who will be up against Bluestone 42 actor Jamie Quinn in the title role, has a passion for Peter Pan and is particularly excited by this original yet faithful take on JM Barrie’s much-loved story about the boy who wouldn’t grow up.

With two performances already sold out, Peter Pan opens at Lighthouse, Poole on Friday 4 December starring Christopher Ellison as Hook, Jamie Quinn as Pan and Lighthouse favourite Neil Smye as Smee. Ally Cox, artistic director of Stagewise School for the Performing Arts, which is based at Lighthouse, will play Mrs Darling.

Tiger-Lily will be played by Poole actress – and Lighthouse stage door supervisor – Lora Townsend who played one of Anne Boleyn’s ladies in waiting in the recent BBC drama Wolf Hall. Lora has also appeared in feature films including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - well that's us sold!!!

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