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14 MOOlah Making Ideas

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cashpileThe summer holidays are fast approaching it's unreal! Where has 2015 gone? The thing about the summer holidays are they can be an expensive time, especially if like me you are on reduced working hours. Some days I'm too tired to even consider working once the children are in bed. Whilst I fill the calendar up with free activities and have been booking days out in advance (it's so much cheaper this way) it's nice to have some money to just be spontaneous, have a meal out or just treat ourselves. So with 2 weeks to go I need to consider making a bit of extra spending money.

Decluttering :

Apparently we have around £600 worth of unwanted/not needed/justin case clutter in our homes. Whilst £600 would be nice I'd be happy with half that!

  • eBay: is the obvious starter as you can do this at home. However it can be time consuming photographing and listing everything.

  • You can list items for free on Gumtree and Facebook.

  • Carboot Sales: this is a good way to do a one off declutter in one hit, towards the end of the day you can lower your prices and hopefully go home with an empty boot.

  • DVD's and CD's: there are lots of online platforms and apps where you scan the barcode and are given a price for your unwanted bits. Music Magpie, Ziffit, Zapper to name a few. Whilst each DVD might only fetch sometimes as little as 25p if you have a large collection it can soon add up.

  • Books: another great app is We buy books, scan the barcode and cash them in. Great if like me you have a ton if children's book that the children have grown out of!

  • Empty those drawers you know the one filled with old mobile phone handsets, ipods, cameras and games consoles. There are plenty of sites that will take them.

  • Clothing: children's nearly new sales, dress agencies and if you still have some items left try cash 4 clothes where they pay you on weight for your clothes.


Using your skills :

  • Blogging: although it's no quick fix as running a blog takes work, time and commitment you can earn from blogging in the way of paid reviews, sponsored content and advertising.

  • Survey sites: by filling in online surveys for cash and attending face-to-face focus groups you can soon top up your income.

  • Topcashback: earn money by just shopping online! (although not quite saving money at least you are making money from those sales)

  • Secret Shoppers: A mystery shopper is a person who poses as a real customer whilst assessing customer service levels provided by a company

  • Sell your handmade items: if your a dab hand at card craft or knitting why not consider selling your wares.

  • Sell your photos: have a keen interest in photography? Good at taking photos, sell them on sites like Shutterstock or Dreamstime.

  • Be an extra: fancy being in the next blockbuster or maybe an episode of Eastenders, extras can earn up £80 a day.


I for one am definitely going to be opening up some drawers tomorrow and having a good sort through! Do you have any top tips for making extra money?

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  1. Great list, thank you - I SO have to declutter, I must have hundreds of pounds worth of stuff I don't use or need! Kaz x

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  2. Great ideas and lord knows we all need the extra cash for the summer holidays!

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  3. Lots of great ideas here - I'm always decluttering and seeing if I can sell anything on eBay etc. A few years back we got over a hundred quid selling old CDs/DVDs on Music Magpie x

    Posted on

  4. Rosey

    I'm mad at ebay, lol I'll get over it, but right now I'm totally game for new ideas.

    Posted on

  5. I definitely could use the extra money. My house could sure use a decluttering session or two.

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  6. I'm currently sorting out stuff for a car boot sale next weekend, I'm moving to Asia later in the year so it's time to try to get as much money from all my unwanted stuff as possible!

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  7. Elizabeth O.

    These are wonderful idea. We have boxes of Cds here that we've collected over the years and just collecting dust.

    Posted on

  8. Some great ideas here on ways to generate some cash quick. I have loads to list on eBay but never seem to find the time!

    Posted on

  9. Ok I really need to give some of these a try! Who wouldn't want £600 extra in there pocket ;) x

    Posted on

  10. What a fantastic list. I would do with £600 to see us over the summer!

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  11. I always thought being a secret shopper would be soo awesome! These are great ideas, I am sure I have a few things around the house I could sell.

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  12. I am sure I have a few hundred pounds worth of stuff just laying around that I don't use x

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  13. Nice tips. With summer here, I can always use a little extra.

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  14. I need to get so much out of my house! I tried doing the mystery shopping thing but the companies kept wanting me to sign up to insurance policies and then cancelling them which I didn't like the idea of.

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  15. R U S S

    I'd love to try the mystery shopper thing. I just dunno if there's a company that organizes or does that here in my country. It's something that I think I'd enjoy + at the same time, it's gonna help earn some bucks. Yay!

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  16. Great ideas! I'm in need of a clear out and think I'll sell a few things on eBay! Just need the motivation to do so ha! x

    Posted on

  17. Great ideas here! I like idea of being an extra :)

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