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Preparing Your Child For Starting School

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I can hardly believe that in September my baby starts school! She was just a baby when Moo started school and it seems strange to me now that Olive will be joining them! Although the amount of teachers who have said the same thing too!


  1. Before the summer breaks up visit the school with your child and look around. If home visits are offered that them up. We had Olive's teachers come last week. She helped them to complete a puzzle and showed off our rabbit Daisy. She spoke a lot more to them as she was in her own environment where she felt safe and the teachers can get a glimpse of Olive's real character. Olive has been going into the school for 4 years now but if your child hasn't had that opportunity find out if there are events you can go to. School summer shows, sports day or end of year assembly, anything that will provide your child with a chance to see other happy children in the school.

  2. Ensure you have the first day of school RIGHT and the correct time. We rocked up a family of 5 to Moo's first day of school and it was a teacher training day! Luckily pity was taken and he was allowed to have a look round, find his tray etc. Some schools start the reception class off a bit later so it's less busy, so be prepared.

  3. Let them help buy uniform. This is not a fun thing to do you will need wine after! But have you ever experienced the wrath of a 4 year old who doesn't want that particular shade of black! Have you?!

  4. Make sure your child is aware of what things belong to them. This will be the first time that have had to deal with PE kits and book bags. Don't just label them up and pack them neatly, spend time telling your child what's inside and what they are for. Don't assume things will be obvious, school is such a big new experience. (Moo came home wearing someone else’s pants after his first PE lesson! Two little boys unaware that getting changed didn't involve all items of clothing!)

  5. Don't cry! If you start to wobble then your child is going too! They won't understand that you are going to miss them they will see school as something sad. Take them in, help them find their peg, tray, settle them in, leave and then have a full on emotional break down away from your child! 

Do you have a child starting school in Septemeber? What top tips do you have? 

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PS if you are looking at where to buy uniform from check out my reviews for Trutex and M&S


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  1. Ha ha, N started last week and is doing ok. But I could see him doing the pants thing. When he tried his uniform on he wanted to know where his school pants were! Better tell him that changing for PE will just be t shirt and trousers swapping for PE t shirt and PE shorts.

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  2. Can't believe little Olive is starting school. I still remember her as a tiny dot crawling round at preschool when ruby and Megan were just thinking about starting school.

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