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How to make a flower hair garland

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Last year pretty much 5 minutes after we arrived at the Robin Hood Festival Megan had herself a lovely flower hair garland. This year we are taking Olive with us too and whilst searching for a dress for my little Maid Marion I decided to make the girls flower hair garlands too.  I had the green tape already from the button flower bouquet, I bought some ribbon and flowers from The Range for around £6. Daddy Moo made me a circle from quite thick bonsai wire and off I went!  

flower garland what you need

What you need : 

  • Paper and plastic flowers with wire stems (Megan made some button flowers too. I found the sprigs of lavender in the wedding section of The Range £1.49)
  • Florist tape 
  • Ribbon
  • Leaf ribbon 
  • Wire (Daddy Moo has lots for his bonsai trees but any will do, if you but thin stuff just wrap it round in a circle a few times to strengthen it) 
  • Scissors

flower garland step one

The stems of the lavender were really long so I wrapped these round first to strengthen the circle. 

flower garland step two

Wrap the paper flowers and button flowers around. I did this in an adhoc fashion. They don't need to be tight at this point, just loose so you can see the design. As these were for the girls I went for a full on head dress if you wanted to you could do random sprigs around. 

flower garland step three

Next I covered the wire in florist tape. I did it in small sections. The tape is sticky and stretchy and great for hiding all the joins as well as keeping the flowers in place. In some areas I had to use more tape than others to keep the shape, hide wire and stop the flower from moving around. 

flower garland step four 

I then wrapped both the green ribbon and the leaf ribbon around, using the florist tape I secured the ribbon, where it met at the back. I then cut a length of the ribbon and leaf ribbon tied it to give a flowing section at the back. 

Made Megan a #flower #garland #headdress for our trip to #RobinHood #festival #lovenotts #handmade #crafting

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There is no right or wrong when it comes to making flower hair garlands, use a many or as little flowers as you like. These are perfect for festivals and garden parties. If you make one do tag me @CharlieMoos I'd love to see them!  

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  1. This is gorgeous - my daughters would love to have a go at making these. Thanks for sharing. Kaz x

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  2. So pretty and reminds me of when I make the Christmas wreath!!

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  3. Just the festivals !! How fantastic is this

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  4. This looks beautiful, Joanne, I don't have all the wee bits and pieces needed but I would love to give it a go! Great activity to do even with little ones!xx

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  5. How adorable is this! Very creative!

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  6. What a fantastic idea and so pretty, love how quick it is to make! x

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  7. This looks absolutely beautiful, so clever x

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  8. Oh these are ace and would be perfect for festivals or May day. I adore them

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  9. I really like flower crowns, if only I were brave enough to wear one. Love the cute one that you made.

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  10. This is so pretty, my eldest would love one of these, think id better get my crafty kit out this holidays!xx

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  11. Awe any little girl would love this homemade garland. Very cute

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  12. I have actually just bought all the bits to make these with my god-daughters when they visit over the summer. I love how you have used the buttons and will definitely have this as an option for the girls when we do it.

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  13. Brilliant tutorial - this will be useful for Camp Bestival where we are off again this year!

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  14. These look brilliant - an essential festival accessory and love it that you can make your own x

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  15. So pretty and surprisingly easy to make.

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