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Charlotte and Rapunzel in The Challenging Forest

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It's well documented how much I love Avon Country Park and all that it has to offer! We have been lots this past few days so much so that I bought an annual car park pass!! We went the other day and both girls insisted on taking their Rapunzel dolls with them. I really wanted to say no as I knew I'd spend half the time carrying them instead, but I agreed and I'm so glad I did. Sometimes it's easy to say no to something that might inconvenience you but actually I didn't end up holding the dolls. The girls went off into a magical wonderland with them, making up a story as they went along. In key places Megan asked me to take photographs. Once home Megan started to type up her story to go with certain photographs. 


It all started when Charlotte and Rapunzel were cleaning. Charlotte saw a strange looking cup. They both rubbed it then a big light shone then the world was now a forest …

“How about we make a treehouse instead” Said Rapunzel. So that's what they did. 

 rapunzels climbing rapunzels hair

Then a rabbit popped out of now were.

Are you Charlotte and Rapunzel I mean Princess Charlotte and Princess Rapunzel?”

WHAT!” their minds exploded.

You know th.....” whilst Charlotte put her hand over the rabbit's mouth

We get it we’re princesses.” said Charlotte

We meet at dawn “ as the rabbit hanged his arms around the girls.

Soon the rabbit was gone a loud roar was replaced a Lion

came out of the distance the girls ran and ran.

Then they came across a statue. 


We are snacktues (which is statues to you and me!!) #Megan #Olive #outdoor #imagination #rapunzel

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Then they jumped on the statue and got as still

as possible. Soon the lion was gone so the girls got back to the treehouse and warmed by the fire as night fell.


To Be Continued ….

By Megan Elizabeth Joan Giltrow aged 6 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  1. Oh how magical, a lovely idea to take the dolls out with you and just look at the imagination that sprung from saying yes. Simply delightful and great at age 6! Thank you for sharing the Rapunzel forest story on Country Kids.

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  2. very sweet x

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