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Simple Baby Doll Carrier | Tutorial

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simple baby doll carrier

Olive loves dolls! A few years back with her Christmas money she bought a car seat for her doll, it wasn't very expensive but boy is it annoying! She insists on taking her doll (currently a my little BABY born® Bathing Fun called Chocolate) out in this car seat, however she's not happy with it just in the car she wants to carry it around. This never lasts very long and I'm left "holding the baby!" which was starting to annoy me. I did a quick pinterest search and found lots of tutorials for making frankly quite complicated baby carriers for dolls!  When Olive was a baby I had a fantastic BabaSling and although I didn't really want make something adjustable I thought the circle idea might work.  I basically hashed together a few ideas I saw online and well Olive loves it and that's the main thing! 

baby carrier step one

Olive choose 2 types of fabric, a thin fleece and the strawberry cotton. I cut them roughly 40 inches by 12 inches. 

You can adjust this measurement to suit the size of your child. I wanted Olive to get a lot of use from her baby sling so it's not snug.

I recommend using fleece inside as its comfortable on the skin, plus this doll wees so it's absorbent if need be.

baby carrier step two

I pinned the two pieces together so that the patterns were facing each other. 

Using a sewing machine I stitched the two long sides together leaving each short end open. 

baby carrier step three

Push the fabric through the channel to turn it the right way - pattern on the outside.

baby carrier step four

I folded the two pieces in half and pinned the ends together. Sew these together. Yes that is four pieces of fabric. 

I tried to sew a rounded end. 

baby carrier step five

Trim off the excess and fold the piece in half again and repeat. This means that the stars is on the outside.

Turn inside out so that the strawberries are back on the outside and place over the child's shoulder.

I put the seam at the bottom. 

Place baby inside and adjust around the child. 

baby carrier collage

Olive is a Baby Born Brand Ambassador we were sent the doll for purpose of review. This tutorial is not endorsed by Baby Born. 

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  1. What an awesome idea! I often get stuck holding my little girls baby and something like this can help.

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  2. What a great tutorial. I love how detailed you were when explaining everything.

    Posted on

  3. Aw what a cute idea! It looks easy enough that I could do it myself.

    Posted on

  4. Kristen

    I got into baby wearing for my second. my son would have loved one of these! ( as he pretended to wear his doll)

    Posted on

  5. Such a unique DIY. my daughter would love this. My wife would love this too.

    Posted on

  6. CourtneyLynne

    OMG now this is the cutest thing ever!! So need to make one for my daughter!

    Posted on

  7. nikki

    this is super pretty. and she's so sweet. that little doll is really cute my niece would love this

    Posted on

  8. How adorable! I also loved the way you were able to craft something and save money. Important thing is, your baby girl looks so happy!

    Posted on

  9. Elizabeth O.

    This is so pretty and so easy to make. My twin granddaughters love dolls, too. It'll be fun to make them baby carriers like this,

    Posted on

  10. So Sweet! She can be just like mommy and Daddy. I love the colors you chose.

    Posted on

  11. Rosey

    Oh that little doll carrier is c.u.t.e. My granddaughter would love it too!

    Posted on

  12. What a cool design! I love the way it turned out and your Olive looks adorable wearing her carrier.

    Posted on

  13. So cute! Great idea and easy to see how happy Olive is in the photos you shared.

    Posted on

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