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Penguin Beach Encounter | Bournemouth Oceanarium

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penguin beach encouter

We have been to Bournemouth Oceanrium a few times now. It's a great resource located right on the beach. There has been a lot going on, new branding, an extension being built and the long awaited arrival of the penguins! Moo is a massive penguin fan even now, so when I was invited to a B2B networking event to celebrate the new features I cheekily asked if he could come too!!

penguin height chart

He even wore his penguin t-shirt

The new extension is amazing! Those penguins are lucky lucky there lovely outside enclosure with fabulous views of Bournemouth beach. There are also plenty of viewing areas for the penguins so even in busy times you should be able to get a looksy. There is a lovely outside seating area with a café and you can view the penguins as well. Down stairs there is a little play area, café, seating and the all important under water viewing station. I mean who doesn't love a look at swimming penguins!!

oceanarium play area

There are currently 10 Humboldt Penguins but there is space for 24 – 12 breeding pairs = little penguins!! Yipee! They don't all have names yet and Charlie did suggest Charlie was a great name for a penguin so we wait baited breath for this announcement ;)

 penguin statue

The penguin keeper Dani is amazing! Her penguin knowledge is superb and she had a great chat with Charlie. 


How ace is Dani the penguin keeper! Excellent time with Moo at @oceanariumuk tonight @lizleanpr

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All our usual favourites were about and we watched the otters and turtles being fed. Did you know they feed the turtles eat seasonal vegetables, meaning brussels sprouts at Christmas, if they are anything like Megan best to avoid then!!! The keeper hid all the otter food (horse meat!) around the enclosure then let them back in. It was funny to watch them trying to climb a spindly branch to reach some meat!

The new extension also enables you to go around Bournemouth Oceanarium is a variety of ways. Instead of getting stuck in that one way traffic route which in busy times meant congestion in popular areas. The curator told us also about plans to add birds in the penguin area as there is a no ceiling only netting enabling birds to fly around freely but not away! (A bit like at Living Coasts in Devon) If you haven't been for a while then Bournemouth Oceanarium should definitely be on your summer holiday outings list!  

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  1. Ohhh wow! My little boy Blake (age 6) loves penguins, they're his favourite animal and he's like a walking fact book on penguins! I'll have to take him along next time we head to that part of the country xx the South Lakes Safari Park lets you hand feed the penguins for only £1 a fish if you ever find yourself in the Lake District xx

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  2. We went on a normal day and it was bedlam - we couldn't move by the penguins and I struggled to see anything. Hoping once the buzz dies down it will be quieter

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