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Play at Brewers Fayre | Review

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Once you have children, eating out comes with a variety of questions. For us it's will the children get bored. No longer can you sit, sipping wine, chatting and watching the world go round, they just don't go for that kind of thing! They want entertaining, sometimes you can get away with some colouring in, but in the summer months a pub garden with park doesn't go a miss. Brewers Fayre have recently undergone a transformation in the children's menu department adding a Beano themed Dennis and Gnasher treats (my personal fave and Olive's the cod-apault and chips!).

codapulat and chips

So grown up stealing Daddy's lemon for her fish! 

We were invited to Brewers Fayre Lodmoor in Weymouth to sample the new “Play at Brewers Fayre” complete with Dennis themed soft play area. I mean a pub restaurant with soft play this is winning! We took Nanny C with us and made a day of it with a beach play after.

Alongside the soft play there is also a quite area with Dennis and Gnasher showing on the TV, with an area for colouring and of course cuddles with Dennis. There was plenty to keep the children occupied and they all enjoyed a good run around. Having never been to a pub with soft play I was surprised to see a charge of £3 for 90 minutes. I felt this was justified when maybe popping in for a coffee as in comparison to a soft play centre £3 is very cheap. However for us this would be an additional £9 on top of paying for a meal for 5. I'm more likely to stick to outdoor free gardens. Having said that the soft play was clean, fresh, bright and well maintained.


More Dennis @brewersfayre #Dennis #playatbrewersfayre

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All our food had been pre-ordered which took the stress off the kitchen. The children's burger wasn't that much smaller than the adults which made a certain burger boy very happy! All our plates were empty! Everyone was super happy. I had chicken and bacon salad and it was gorgeous, there was a subtle dressing that had lime in and was so yummy!! Prices were as you would expect for a pub lunch. I liked that the children's menu gave the option of 1, 2 or 3 courses and even with 3 the total as £5. So reasonable especially if like me you have multiple children.

Lodmoor is well located next to the beach, Sealife Centre, Sandworld etc. making it a perfect place to stop off after a busy day! You do however have to pay for parking. Overall we had an excellent meal and the service was fantastic.

We're going on an adventure

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  1. I used to work at our local Brewers Fayre. I recently went back as a customer but I wasn't impressed. Maybe I'll try them again.

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  2. I don't think I've ever been to a Brewers Fayre or any pub/restaurant that has a soft play area. My son is 14 months old and nearly walking so the idea of a soft play to tire him out is a great idea.

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  3. Fab review, love the fact they give the option of choosing the number of courses and that even with 3 courses the children's meal comes to only £5. Great value, especially if taste great. It is a shame to hear that you have to pay extra for the soft play especially if your buying a meal for everyone, but it's great to hear that they do upkeep it though. May have to see if we have a Brewers Fayre local to us in the Cotswolds and try it our for ourselves.

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  4. Great review. I have to agree - I feel similar about the charge. I think there should be a minimum spend on meals for the kids to get in for free. It's good that it means that they will be able to look after it properly though!

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  5. I love going to our local Brewers Fayre! Ella can play while we enjoy our lunch! X #TriedTested

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