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River Dipping at Linford Bottom

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river dipping at linford bottom

Although Dorset is an absolutely gorgeous county. I'm pretty much a bit of a homebird choosing to explore the new forest and facilities close to home. Linford Bottom is 20 minutes down the road and you're likely to see a New Forest Pony or two on route. We even popped down the other night at 7pm for a paddle in the river - it's actually really dry at the moment but you know kids there only has to be a puddle of water and they are happy! 

This is what I love about the #summerholidays playing in the river at 7pm

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Before the Summer Holidays start I always make some time to find out what free events are happening, when and where and pop these on the calendar. That way there is always something for us to do. This year I happened upon a "Fun in the forest" event at Linford Bottom and knew the moo's would love it.  Megan had gone for a sleepover so it was just Olive and Charlie and a lot of rain! We decided as it was close to home to pop down for an hour and see what was happening.  I was surprised when we got there as to how many other families had braved the drizzle.

Pond dipping in the rain we are so British!! #countrykids #outdoor #wildlifefriendly

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Undeterred by a bit of rain Olive was straight in swilling her net around looking for fish or two.  Charlie found a couple of fish and made friends with some boys who had found some massive water beetles! 

dragonfly nymph

Would you belive that this ugly looking fella is actually a dragonfly? This is a dragonfly nymph. Dragonflies spend the majority of their lives looking like this and living underwater. You can see little buds on their backs where their wings live. The eventually make their ay ou of the water and push their wings out and sit back whilst they dry.  Then fly off as what we see as beautiful dragonflies.  In their dragonfly state their life is very short. Who knew?  

The New Forest Rangers also had a little pop up van with colouring and a craft activity. Which was making people from clay, sticks, beans and fir cones. They also had a display of deer furs, skulls and antlers. Having been to Bolderwood the day before the children were well clued up on what was what! Despite the rain the children loved it.  Reminded me we need to replace our nets and go out on our own adventure. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. How refreshing to see so many families not put off by the rain and enjoying the activities. Well done the Rangers organizing the event. thank you for sharing on Country Kids

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  2. We never made it down there in the end but looks like it was fun. The dragonfly nymph reminds me of the story at Kat's send off!

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  3. Looks like you had a fantastic time hun, would love to do something like this with my 3

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