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Crabbing at Mudeford Quay | Country Kids

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crabbing at mudeford quay

We haven't been crabbing for ages and decided to head off to Mudeford Quay and get away from the crowds and traffic heading towards Bournemouth Air Festival. Parking is as you'd expect in Dorset expensive £4.30 for 3 hours. (Makes me wistful for the all day parking of £4 in Nottingham!)

You don't actually need a lot to go crabbing.

  • Crab lines – these are relativity low cost couple of £. If you look after them you can use them again and again.

  • Bucket – We took a few buckets with us as we planned to go on the beach too.

  • Bait – we bought some chopped up fish for £1 on the Quay, but lots of people had bacon and lardons too.

  • Net – again not expensive to buy £1.99 and if you look after it you can use them again and again.

As we were leaving we actually got given 2 more crab lines and a net that someone didn't want to take home with them. The nets will come in handy for trips down to Linford Bottom.

Had a great day #crabbing #family #summerholidays #outdoor #fun #crabs #seaside

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The crab lines come with netted bags (we threw ours away after use to must start collecting the ones in washing power!) fill these with bits of fish/bacon and tie to the end of your crab line (the weighted end). Lower the line into the water. Daddy Moo wrapped them round the railing to ensure the children didn't accidentally drop the handle into the water.

crabbing collage

Every 2 secs the Moo's were excitedly raising their ends in disappointment. The two families on either side of us also had empty buckets. Daddy Moo and Olive went off to get fish and chips and all of a sudden we were winning! Crabs were taking the bait and we were netting 2 or 3 at the same time!! Once we started they were pretty constant which is great for the children as they didn't get bored waiting.

After an hour and a half our bucket was filled with 20 crabs Megan even caught a very small one and our bellies with fish and chips. We decided to pack up and wonder down to the beach but not after a bit of crab racing!


Crab racing!! And yes Megan did name all the crabs!! #vloject52 #crabs

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The beach is in a beautiful setting but it was quite dirty. There didn't appear to be many bins and people had left rubbish on the rocks (which we collected and put into a plastic bag). The beach is part sand part rocks but not smooth pebbles like Weymouth, there also seemed to be a huge amount of seaweed floating about. The girls collected some in their nets and buckets, shame I didn't have the details from Fore Adventure as to what seaweed was safe to eat

Hopefully we might get a bit of sunshine next week and be able to pop out one evening for some more crabbing fun! 

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  1. I haven't been crabbing for years but it was always so much fun x

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  2. What a fab time you must have all had, I bet crabbing was a great experience for the kids. It's great that the crabs finally started grabbing on, sometimes they can be really picky and not come near you. I hope you can enjoy a bit more sunshine out crabbing before school starts again! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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  3. crabbing sounds like lots of fun, I hope you get some more sunshine so you can do it again.

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  4. Oh this takes me back, what fun crabbing can be! x

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  5. Last time we went we caught nothing and neither had anyone else, think it was just a bad day as we normally do very well. Cat food is another crab fave!!

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  6. I have never taken my children crabbing, but have always meant to! I used to love climbing in rock pools when I was little, but the beaches around here don't have any. It's good to know where to go to find some!

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  7. I've never done crabbing but seen lots of people do it. What a shame there was so much litter about.

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  8. I've so many happy memories here. When I was a Nanny the family had a holiday home in Mudeford and we visited every school holidays. Looks like you've had fun

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  9. I used to love going crabbing when I was a kid. So much fun. I saw a family doing this off the pier in Suffolk recently and they looked like they were having the best day ever. Stephen :o)

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  10. I don't think I've ever been crabbing and I live by the sea although I did catch them in the rock pools as a child

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  11. I haven't been crabbing since I was small and I can't wait to take mine soon

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  12. As much as I'd have never suggested or even thought of it, we've had so much fun crabbing on Anglesey and at Padstow. It's definitely a lot of fun and your photos capture some wonderful moments.

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  13. Looks like you had a fab day

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  14. I am a huge fan of crabbing though I havent done it for years x

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  15. Well done. Last time we tried we didn't catch a thing.

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  16. Oh my goodness I could never do this I have such a fear of crabs lol. Looks like you had fun though and yes I was brave enough to look at the pictures x

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  17. Never been crabbing but it looks like you had fun!

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  18. I have never, ever been crabbing but you guys make it look like so much fun! I truly think my girls would enjoy something like that, perhaps I better make arrangements to get that on our list of things to do!

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  19. I have lots of happy memories of crabbing. We lived by a boating lake off the seafront and it was an ace place to crab

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