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Visit Conkers | Derbyshire

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We love nothing more than exploring the great outdoors. I'd been watching green with envy lots of bloggers visiting Conkers in Derbyshire. When an invite landed in my inbox I was beyond excited. The only thing was I didn't fancy driving 3 hours there and back in a day. I decided to see if we could possibly visit during our week in Nottingham as it was only 30 minutes from Auntie J's. After a busy week with the Robin Hood Festival, Wollaton Hall, Go Ape and also visiting family we decided to do Conkers and then make the trip home. This way we'd have some very tired Moo's in the car.

conkers squirrel

Meeting Moira the Squirrel (Megan does look a bit green here) 

We parked up and queued to get in. It was a lovely day but not too hot and there were already a lot of families waiting to get in. As you go through the reception there is a café, toilets, shop and the Discovery centre. We made our way through the building to the outside.

conkers map reading

Olive was consulting the map and Nanny Moo and I were deciding what to do first when Megan projectile vomited on the ground! A lovely member of staff came and cleaned it up whilst I took her off to clean up.

conkers barefoot

With a 3 hour drive ahead of us to drop Nanny Moo off followed by another hour to our own home we made the decision to try and make the best of the day and have a little explore. Megan seemed to perk up a bit and really enjoyed the barefoot walk.


Despite having to cut out visit short due to Megan being sick we enjoyed our invigorating barefoot walk @visitconkers

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It's a really strange experience and your feet actually feel quite invigorated afterwards! I think I shall have to encourage Avon Country Park to install one of these!

conkers train

We took the train over to the other side of the site and were greeted by a park. The Moo's were off and Nanny Moo and I sat down for a well earned watery coffee and a gossip! We also made a paper plate snake in

 conkers collage

We took the train back to the other side and wandered around the Discovery Centre. There is loads of interesting facts, diagrams and experiments to try out. Charlie loved being a bat! Megan enjoyed going down the mineshaft.

We found a spot and enjoyed our picnic, Megan didn't eat and was starting to feel a bit hot and sleepy. We made the decision to leave, after pressing our pennies. I think we'd got 15 minutes down the road when Megan vomited again meaning we had to pull over and strip her down.

I'd love to have explored more of Conkers. Over 40 and mum to one has some stunning images of her and Monkeys adventure including a bug hunt.

Beautiful lake at @visitconkers #review #outdoor

A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

After facing their fears at Go Ape I'm sure that M&M would have loved to try out the high wire like Kian & Isaac from ChelseaMamma did. 

We'd love to have tried out some of the bushcraft activities to especially the Den Building and cooking on a camp fire like Ickle Pickle and this mummy loves did.

Visit Conkers is £32.95 for a family of 4 and under 2's are free. For further information and online booking see

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  1. Poor Megan, nothing worse than being poorly away from home. I hope you get the chance to return to Conkers at some point as there is so much to explore. Thanks for the mention x

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