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3D Box Frame Art with

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3d box frame art with

I don't think of myself as an incredibly crafty person considering Charlie Moo's most popular range is my handmade fabric party bags and I wrote a book about turning your hobby into a craft business! But I do like to dabble with some scissors and glue! Here is my latest creation "3D Box Frame Art with". is a super cool website whereby you can upload images from your computer and favourite social media platforms to create sheets or rolls of custom wrapping paper! It's such a cool idea, I had great fun flicking through really old photos too! I picked a range of the children at various ages and some silly ones added too. I really wanted to capture a feeling of what our family is like full time not just in a staged moment.

I choose the £4.99 single sheet which consisted of 30 images randomly shuffled about.

When it arrived I really didn't want to cut it up! It was so beautiful! The paper is really good quality too. But I'd already decided that I was going to use the wrapping paper to create a birthday present for Nanny C. I am actually surprised at how easy it was to make this and just how effective it looks! Sorry family you may all be getting something similar for Christmas!

What do you need?

  • Heart punch – I used this one from DoCrafts it's a large Xcut palm punch

  • Paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Box frame – I purchased this one from Wilkos for under £5

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Rubber

Step by step guide

  1. First of all I took the square inner form out of the box frame and used that as a guide. I marked on the paper the corners and then lightly drew 4 lines equally spaced so that everything would be neat.

  2. I cut the whole sheet of paper up into individual images (through tears!)

  3. Select 11 images for the 3D hearts. Each 3D heart needs 3 of the same image.

  4. Select 8 images for the flat hearts.

  5. Using the Xcut palm punch cut out your heart shapes. To get the right parts of the children's faces I did need to cut away some of the excess. I also used the punch upside down, this way I could see what was being cut before hand. I'd never have been able to cut three out exactly the same otherwise!  heart punch

  6. Fold all 3 hearts in half and lay two half’s side by side and then the 3rd on top to create a 3D heart. (I didn't glue these down until I had created all 11)

  7. Then make your 8 flat hearts and organise on the paper.  

    Now to start gluing! #birthday #present #mywrapme

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

  8. Once I was happy with the order I glued all the half hearts and flat hearts to the paper but left the 11 top hearts. I carefully rubbed out all the pencil before attaching all the final hearts.

  9. I then cut the paper to size and placed in the box frame. hearts framed

It's such an effective and simple technique! I did struggle to get a photo without my reflection in! 

This is a collaboration with DoCrafts provided the heart punch for the purpose of this project I also used Katy's Xcut heart punch card tutorial as inspiration. 

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  1. I have made a few heart shadow frames before but not with photos. I love this idea and shall give it a go. What a lovely gift it would make! #MakingHome.

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  2. This is great and would make a really good Mother's Day present too. #makinghome

    Posted on

  3. This is fab - how clever? And how pretty - I think you're more crafty than you let on ;) Hope you're well xx

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  4. this is so cool ! even I could do this

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  5. I think my daughter would love something like this in her room.

    Posted on

  6. This is such a clever idea. Love the personalisation - will make a lovely Christmas present.

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  7. Oh this is just gorgeous - I'm definitely going to have a go x

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  8. Wow what a beautiful piece of work! I am so glad to discover your website and must check out these bags! x

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  9. This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing, it looks lovely. :D

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  10. These are amazing. I've pinned and stumbled. I'll be borrowing this idea for Christmas presents. Thank you

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  11. This is a great idea. I'll bet the present was well received.

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  12. I've had some of this paper before - it's really fab quality. I love what you have done with it - such a lovely idea!

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  13. This looks fab - hope Nanny loved her present

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  14. This is a brilliant idea and such a lovely gift!

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  15. This is fab! You could start a business doing these!!

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  16. Wow, I love what you have done. It would make a super christmas gift too

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  17. wow the idea is super and the pic frame would make a lovely gift.

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  18. Hannah Wood (staveley)

    Oh that's so nice very clever idea to do.

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  19. Craft punches are so handy and I love your finished artwork. I'd be the same, I wouldn't want to cut them up either, they look lovely.

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  20. This looks brilliant - such an innovative way to display photos will have to try this! x

    Posted on

  21. That's so clever!! I really like it and am looking for new ways to get some of our photos on the wall so will look into this, thank you!

    Posted on

  22. Isn't that wrapping paper a great idea? And I like what you've done with it too!

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  23. Wow, what a clever idea. Really love this and it doesn't look too tricky...

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  24. Looks fab! Bet Nanny will love it. :)

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  25. This looks brilliant - a really clever idea and something which anyone could make.

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