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Roald Dahl Day Celebrating with Dirty Beards

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We are big fans of Roald Dahl books. I mean who isn't the mix of humour, mischief and imagination. When two copies if THE TWITS arrived the race was on! Megan has read the book before at school and keen to describe all her favourite parts. Moo enjoyed the humour and foul descriptions. 

the twits

As part of Roald Dahl Day we set to work on the Crafty Twits Challenge. Here's how you can enter :

  1. Scratch your noggin, polish your reading glasses and re-visit the Dirty Beards chapter for idea.

  2. Tear, rip, stick, bake or knit – do whatever you've got to do to make the most colourful, creative beard imaginable.

  3. Share your beards creations on your blog around Roald Dahl Day Sunday 13th and throughout the month – don't forget to tag @Roald_Dahl and use the hashtag #RoaldDahlDay.

There is also a disgusting new app inspired by THE TWITS – Twit or Miss available on itunes and google

I left M&M and Daddy Moo to create their beards and they did a fab job! I loved reading The Beard chapter it's full of lovely descriptive language and it's pretty grim! I could almost smell how foul Mr Twits beard is! 

Charlie :

My beard has a egg in it and chips. It is very dirty. It is light brown with long hair.

How does Mr Twit clean his beard? He licks it and wipes it with the back on his hand.

Does he cut it? No, he likes it smelly.

Does he get his beard tangled up? Yes, because it's very long, dirty and knotty.


dirty beards

Megan :

We went on a walk to the heath, Daddy found a big lump of moss. It was really furry. I said maybe we could use it for the beard, it would be really furry like the actual hair on the beard. I found sticks for food, Nanny gave me some plastic chips. I got a piece of paper and drawed some fish fingers and coloured them in and stuck them on the beard. I waited for it to dry.

If you create a Dirty Beard do tweet us @CharlieMoos a photo. New copies have been released of The Twits one with a real hairy beard and the other with scratch and sniff stickers! 

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