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Woodland Birthday Party

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Megan turned 7 in August, now how did that happen? Regular readers will know we are massive fans of Avon Country Park, so I was pretty excited when Megan suggested it as the venue for her birthday party. We decided to have a nature scavenger hunt and food which I knew would take up most of the 2 hours. It was all very relaxed. We situated ourselves near the park, set up some blankets, a table and some chairs. 

pinata and necklaces

As the children arrived I had a few activities for them to do. My homemade pinata and wood necklaces an idea I'd pinched from Studland Sea School. Daddy Moo cut up lots of wooden discs, drilled a hole and popped them on string. The children decorated these necklaces with felt tip pens, such a cheap, easy and effective idea. The pinata was a big hit too! 

megan party

Armed with their scavenger hunt list and a bag the children went off exploring. 

megan party

We even got everyone (nearly) on our favourite climbing tree. 

rapnzel hair megans birthday

Of course we all had a go at climbing Rapunzel's hair!

megans birthday cake

And there was cake! 

There was very little to organise with this party (yippeee!) and the children had a great time exploring.  The food boxes went down well and are really handy as there is hardly any waste as most of the children took the left overs home! 

Top Tips For Planning a Party : 

  • Have a theme. It is so much easier to organise a party if you are adhering to one theme. 
  • Budget. Set a budget and keep account of your spend so there are no nasty surprises.
  • Food. You don't need to go over board on food, unless you want to take most of it home! Food boxes have become my most favourite thing, as each is filled with enough for each child and any left overs most of them took home! For Megan's party they had sandwich, crisps, fruit, Babybel cheese, apple pie and a juice cartoon. (I did take extra cups and a large bottle of water). There was of course lot sof sweets being eaten from the pinata too! 
  • Party Bags. This time I didn't even bother really with party bags. Each child took home their scavenger hunt stash, sweets from the pinata and their necklaces.  Most parents go mental with party bags and there really is no reason too! 

Tutorials : 

Megan's Flower Hair Garland 

Number 7 Pinata 

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For more ideas on holding a Woodland Themed Party you can check out my pinterest board. 

Photos taken by ChelseaMamma

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  1. Aww! What a fantastic place for a party! It sounds and looks like everyone had a great time x

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  2. thank you for inviting us, we had lots of fun xxx

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