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Upcycling Shutters with Hillary's Blinds

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upcycling shutters hillarys

Like any self respecting individual I live my life through pretty pictures on pinterest. In my mind I will at some point create these beautiful projects, my home will be stunning and adorning the pages of Country Living.

Sadly I was unable to attend the Hillary's Shutter Upcylce Crafternoon in April and have been a bit gutted since. I was so green with envy! Imagine my surprise when a little box of goodies and 2 shutters arrived on my doorstep! Due to the summer holidays this project has been on the back burner. But I'd not forgotten as I we were sent two shutters I knew I'd have to turn the other into something too! So I made a whole pinterest board full of great ideas!  I love the idea of using them as plate racks but the spaces are too wide.  I think for the second I will add various hooks and knobs and turn it into a towel rack/dressing gown holder in the bathroom. 

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It is so easy anyone can do it!


  1. Take the hinges off.

  2. Lay the shutter flat on the table with slats pointing down and put jars in place.

  3. Use a pencil to mark the centre point at top of jar on the shutter. If you’re doing an ordered spacing use a measuring tape to check equal spacing.

  4. Use a bradawl to make a small hole on the marks.

  5. Measure and mark the positions for the hanging holes 2cm down from the top edge.

  6. Drill the hanging holes.

  7. Paint a generous layer of paint all over the shutter and leave to dry a bit .

  8. Use a damp cloth wrapped round a finger to rub at the shutter edges to create a distressed effect.

  9. (If applicable) Once the paint has dried, use a soft cloth to apply clear wax over the whole piece.

  10. Push a screw through the single hole on the hose clip, position over the pilot hole and screw in place. Repeat with other jar clips.

  11. Use a straight screwdriver to undo the hose clip a little.

  12. Take the lid off the jar and remove the metal top disc. Replace the metal collar.

  13. Put the neck of the jar into the hose clip and do up the clip.

  14. Thread cord through the holes from the front and knot ends at the back to secure. (optional for hanging)

Just getting my craft on! #upcycle #shutters #hillaryscrafternoon #anniesloan #chalkpaint #handmade

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I've never used Annie Sloan paint before and I was so surprised how easy it went on. It gives the shutter not only a lovely look but it changes the texture as well making it feel very rustic. (I even painted a bit of trestle with the left over for a bit of colour outside!) I didn't destress the paint after it had dried and I only added 2 kilner jars. I used some pegs I had lying around and using some left over paper and the heart xcut from my 3D heart box frame art I decorated the clips and some wooden painted hearts. I then filled the jars with some things I've collected over the last few months and didn't know what to do with them, sea glass and some vintage wooden spools left over from Grandma's sewing stash. Other ideas include - chalkboard labels on the jars or washi tape around the gold rims. You can fill the jars with just about anything and it really is so simple to turn from shutter to what ever you want! 

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  1. Ahh that's so lovely that they sent you all the bits and bobs to make your own! It was a lot of fun and definitely easier than I expected! Alice xx

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