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Men in Suits. Meeting Paddington Bear

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A few days into the Summer holidays we were strolling through Salisbury with my Mum, when a Peppa Pig walked by. As you'd expect Peppa was soon surrounded by small children wanting a hug. I looked down at Olive (who LOVES Peppa) and enquired as to whether she'd like a cuddle. She looked up with her big brown puppy dog eyes that melt me daily and said “I only want Peppa this a man in a suit” ….. So here we are at the grand old age of 4 shattering all the illusions around her! Where had the magic gone? I'm sure at 7&8 M&M realise these aren't real BUT not once have they ever utter these words “a man in a suit”!

I also started to have a mini panic as I had won quite unexpectedly a VIP experience with Paddington Bear. The experience included meeting Paddington Bear, a goody bag and lunch at Nando's. While I had been really excited I suddenly felt full of dread. The game was rumbled .. there was no Paddington Bear just a man in a suit! I decided to tell the children about the event rather than spring it on them as I was unsure how Olive would react. Having quite recently seen the film, the news seemed to be met with joy. 

paddington bear

We arrived at Castlepoint Shopping Centre and went to the office to receive our goody bag. The bag was filled with items from M&S a Paddington Bear teddy (quickly claimed by Olive) a flask and a backpack. We made our way up M&S where Paddington was doing his meet and greet there was already a large queue of children who were all pushed aside for the VIP winners (I felt so mean! BUT it was so hot I was glad we weren't waiting ages!).

#PaddingtonBear VIP experience

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Before I had chance to sort my camera out all 3 children were all over Paddington Bear, hugging, kissing, hi 5's (and not one mention of it being a man in a suit!).

marmalade sandwiches

Afterwards we made our way downstairs where tables were set up with colouring, a TV showing Paddington Bear cartoons and marmalade sandwiches! The marmalade was met with mixed feelings. Moo loved it but I have a sneaky suspicion that Moo would eat his shoe if he was hungry enough! Olive and Megan weren't keen but luckily there was orange jelly too!

And of course we had a cheeky Nandos ;)

cheeky nandos

(Although Megan looks like she is picking a hair from her corn and looking disgusted this was not the case!) 

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  1. oh what memories you get looking back and seeing paddington bear

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  2. aww wow my toddler loves paddington she calls is paddlington lol. we love a cheeky nandos too also called mangos lol

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  3. Aw we love Paddington Bear...I'm pleased it was a successful meet - maybe this was the real one?!

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  4. Oh I do love Paddington takes me right back

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  5. Our youngest loves Paddington - sounds brilliant! x

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  6. It looks like a lot of fun and who doesn't love a cheeky Nandos?

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  7. I'm so glad that they enjoyed Paddington... I think they choose when they want to believe, for example, they'd never go to Disney and think it was a man in a suit!!

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  8. Looks like you all had a fabulous day out. I think some of the Peppa costumes are easy to see it is a man in a suit, but Paddington looks very authentic

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  9. That is hilarious, really made me smile. Can't kid them eh? :)

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  10. I love Paddington!!! What a fantastic day

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  11. Children are so clever aren't they? Looks like they had fun with Paddington nevertheless! This post reminded me of Disney though, and how I will never get over grown adults rushing to get their picture taken with a "man in a suit" :D

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  12. Sometimes there's just no fooling them is there! Looks like Paddington was a big hit.

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  13. Oh how wonderful, that they loved him. Mine hated characters at that age!

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