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Halloween Arts & Crafts

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I've mixed feelings about Halloween because I'm not keen on the trick or treat aspect of it. However there are some fun activities you can do which are fun and don't involve knocking on peoples doors!

Pumpkin picking :

In the summer Olive, Charlie and I had a lovely time at Sopley Farm picking strawberries and I vowed to return to nab a pumpkin or three this Autumn! We made our way over to Sopley on what turned out to be the most beautiful sunny Autumn day! Although Charlie insisted on wearing shorts we put wellies on too! Which turned out to be a good idea as it was rather muddy in places! When we arrived we were pointed in the correct location of the pumpkins and offered a sleigh. This also turned out to be an amazing idea! As by jove those pumpkins are heavy! Of course Olive had to test it first!

pumpkin picking

It's such a treat to not only pick your own pumpkin from the ground but to also see a vast amount of pumpkins in various stages of growth. We saw the yellow flowers, tiny green buds, green pumpkins, yellowish orange, really dark orange, long ones, short ones, fat ones, super round ones, ones with flat parts where they had been laying growing, all the beauty of nature that you don't see in the supermarket. We picked a pumpkin each, Olive took a very long time to find just the right size/shape and colour pumpkin, which she then carried home in the car and placed on a cushion wrapped in a blanket for the reminder of Sunday! We also grabbed a teeny tiny pumpkin just because it was oh so cute! For 6 pumpkins we paid just over £6 (60p per kilo) and had an absolutely brilliant time!

I got one!!! #pumpkin #pumpkinpatch #autumn #Olive #pickyourown #girl #sunshine 🎃

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Dressing Up :

Who doesn't enjoy dressing up! Dressing up at Halloween is all about having fun it doesn't have to be super scary! You can't go wrong with a Disney Store Costume something suitable for both boys and girls and who says Halloween has to be scary?! Last Year Megan wore a Cinderella dress with white and black face paints and back combed hair! This is my thrifty side coming in, witches costumes don't have the versatile uses that Princesses or Superheroes do!

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Lantern making:

Take an empty milk jug or squash bottle, wash it out thoroughly and leave to dry. Using a black marker pen draw spooky eyes and a mouth on the front. Cut a hole in the back big enough to pop in an LED tea light candle. You could also fill the inside of the jug/bottle with fairy lights. Simple and yet super effective.

Bunting :

I decided to decorate the living room window sill with our homemade lanterns and pumpkins so we added a spot of bunting too. This Day of the Dead bunting is perfect for the job! You can choose to colour it or leave them blank. I strung ours up on string and hung from the net curtain hooks. I printed off a few copies and the children decided they wanted to colour them in not leave them black and white. I love how artistic Megan is as she decided to draw her own flags. Wayfair have a collection of free printable on their blog for Halloween.

PS. If you are having a Halloween Party or looking for Trick or Treat bags look no further than our Skull and Cross Bones collection RRP £1.95 each. 

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  1. I feel the same way about Halloween and trick or treating, but there's so much you can do to celebrate other than that. Loving the pumpkin picking - what a brilliant thing to do! Thanks for linking up #HelloHalloween

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  2. Those milk bottles are fab, I'm definitely adding these to our Halloween crafts and lining the new Welly Walk with them for a spooky evening tour. thank you for sharing the idea with me on #Trash2Treasure

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  3. I do wish we had a pumpkin picking place near us, it is such a great idea for an afternoon out and a great way to build up to Halloween too. I love your other ideas here too, I shall be taking inspiration for our Halloween fun here on the farm this year. I'm with you on the Trick or Treating thing, although we get round it by having one organised procession around the cottages rather than random calling all night.

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  4. Yassssss, I love the way you scared up the Disney costumes! Lots of great ideas here! Thanks for sharing on <a href="">#CraftyOctober</a> xx

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  5. The pumpkin picking looks brilliant I have been trying to find one local to us for a while but have failed so far. Great value too :) #CountryKids

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