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Cholderton Charlie's Farm

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If you are looking for somewhere to go this Half Term why not check out Cholderton Charlie's Farm near Andover. I spotted a Living Social Deal and we visited at Easter. There is a lot on offer at the farm, plenty of animals to see, touch, hold and feed (we paid a £1 for some feed in the shop when we arrived). You need a bag to feed the super greedy goats who Olive spent a lot of time with! There is also a play barn with soft play and a climbing wall, a small outside park, trampoline, bouncy castle and barn with bikes, trikes and tractors. 

charlies farm

It was a stunning day when we went and the farm was quite busy. I have a few quibbles, the activity times were quite relaxed and a bit disorganised. In the holding area there were literally 15 kids sitting while 3 animals were passed around, meaning lots of fidgeting and moaning. At Farmer Palmers they usually have a guinea pig per person but limit the number of children in at one time. This works a lot better, however Charlie's Farm did offer a variety with the chance to hold a guinea pig, rabbit and a chick! Megan loved holding the bunnies whilst Olive was keen to get her hands on a chick. 

Olive holding a baby chick @charliesfarm #spring #easterbreak

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Another highlight of the day was feeding some very hungry calves a bottle of milk. You can see on this little video how hungry they were! 

Bottle feeding calf at @charliesfarm these boys were hungry!! #vloject52

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The layout of the farm also meant that Nanny Moo and I could see the children clearly whilst we enjoyed a coffee, however there was quite limited seating and at one point we were perched on the side of the petting area.  The maize maze was also closed as well, which was a shame. The children had a great time and we did spend a few hours there. The staff were all very friendly and the animals well looked after. 

Have you ever been to Cholderton Charlie's Farm? Not long after this visit we finally gave in and Megan got a rabbit! 

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