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Interplay Bug Safari | Review

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interplay bug safari

As a wildlife friendly garden we love nothing more than exploring nature. You can find so many insects in the garden without even really trying. However if your not sure where to start or you want some quick fixes why not place a few carefully thought out items in the garden leave for a week then let the children loose!

  • A piece of rotting wood

  • A pile of leaves

  • Lay a piece of broken paving slab or a smashed plate (the Moo's have moved from plastic plates to side plates and Olive & Megan appear to have butter fingers I've lost a fair few last week! I'm tempted to go buy a stash from the charity shop!) on your flower bed.

  • Plant butterfly and bee friendly flowers

  • Make a mini pond, we have buried an old washing up bowl in the garden placed some large rocks inside and left to fill with rain water

  • Build a Bug Hotel 

bugs collage

Make sure you have the right equipment :

Not all children will want to get their hands involved with holding and catching insects. You need tools to help you catch, hold and view and this Bug Safari Kit from Interplay (RRP : £9.99) is perfect for the job containing :

  • Bug Collecting Tongs

  • Magnifying Pot

  • Field Lens

  • Tweezers

  • Paint Brush

  • Information Guide

The Bug Collecting Tongs have a little pot and lid attached to enabling you to sweep up an insect from leaves, flowers without having to touch it. Always be careful to ensure you have all their limbs inside before shutting the lid! Nobody wants to loose a leg! If like me you have multiple small people a couple of jam jars with lids work well to store and view insects making it easier to share the kit between them. The colour booklet has some great information in also and some tick sheets. You could easily photocopy them for multiple children and if your really thrifty laminate them for future use! 

I like the bug set because I can find lots of different bugs.” Charlie age 8

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