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Travelodge Bournemouth An Escape from Parenting | Review #BloggerLodge

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With 3 children and running our own businesses, Daddy Moo and I don't get to spend much quality time together, that doesn't involve small people or one of us snoring in front of the TV. Yes and that one is normally me! Having met in 2001 we spent 6 years of our relationship without children, responsibilities and bills! Sometimes it feels like a life time ago! When the opportunity arose for us to review 2 nights with Travelodge we made the super selfish decision to stay in Bournemouth childless! Being as Bournemouth is only 20mins from home we weren't far if anything happened and we were needed home. It also happened to be my birthday!!


We arrived just after 6pm and found parking within the Travelodge Bournemouth Seafront. We paid £6 for 24hour parking and checked ourselves in. We were on the 2nd floor and had a view of the Marriott Hotel and the sea off in the distance. The room itself is very basic, which you'd expect from a budget hotel, but it was really light, airy, and clean. There were a few niggles from me – no fresh drinking water in the room, I ended up buying a big bottle and the free wifi was only for 30minutes!! Although it was cheap to buy 24hours £3, I must admit I waited till we were out and hooked up on the many free areas of Bournemouth. Overall the room was excellent and good value for money.

The first evening was my actual birthday and I'd booked us a table at Aruba so we walked the hill down to the pier. Travelodge Seafront is perched at the top of the hill with a stunning walk down alongside the beach to the pier. I was surprised at nearly 8pm to see people exercising on the beach! Jokingly I suggested that we book on for the next night … Daddy Moo was unimpressed! We had a cheeky cocktail or two in Aruba alongside a stunning meal, I really would recommend it! Then we walked through the gardens into the town for a few more drinks. Travelodge Seafront is a short walk into Bournemouth so perfect for hen/stag nights or just a cheeky escape from the children!

aruba cocktails

As parents the one thing you DREAM about are lie ins. Not having to get out of bed until 9am, actual uninterrupted sleep. So imagine my joy when Daddy Moo was wide awake at 7am, by 7:30am he was nagging me to get up for breakfast! GAH!! We made our way down to the café area, booked ourselves in with our room number and found a perfect spot on some comfy sofas. Breakfast was buffet style with a choice of a cooked breakfast, cereal, yoghurt, plenty of coffee, tea and juice. Now Daddy Moo and I made proper use of this facility, we chatted over sausages, caught up on the news over a latte and then another!! After an hour and half with a full belly, dire need of the toilet (too many lattes and juice!) and I'd max my free wifi for the day we trundled back to our rooms to grab our coats. So for our child free Friday we found ourselves shopping for children's Halloween t-shirts in H&M at 9:30am!! You heard me! What is the world coming too!


After some shopping we made our way through the gardens and I spotted a sign for Afternoon tea £5 per person in Beau Monde Bistro from 12pm it was 11:58! Get in! We decided to enjoy the warm Autumnal day and sit outside over looking the garden and balloon. The view would have been lovelier if the bistro took a bit more café of its greenery! Huge green bushes blocking the view below! I jokingly suggested to Daddy Moo he should leave his business card with them! But unlike me he's never prepared!

Cream tea overlooking Bournemouth Gardens. #food #bloggerlodge #birthday #vintage #Bournemouth

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We arrived back at our room and were greeted by a cleaning lady, we decided to just change our towels and refill the tea/coffee caddy. After dumping our bags we decided to head down to the pier and back to Aruba for a cheeky cocktail or two! Aruba is next to the arcades so we wondered in spent a few pennies, killed a few zombies which I was epic at, then Daddy Moo beat me in a game of throwing balls in a hoop! It was so much fun just spending time together laughing a joking we even had a wonder and Daddy Moo posed a for a few photos. He's got his own unique style and exudes confidence which is the total opposite to me, when it comes to fashion.


On Saturday morning we got up ate breakfast, chilled in the café drinking copious amounts of coffee catching up with the news and blasting the 30minutes free wifi. We had to pick up the Moo's so at 10am we checked out and packed up the car. However we hadn't been in the car since we had parked it up on Thursday evening, bar to put another £6 24hour car parking ticket in. But the car wouldn't start!!

 #bloggerlodge travelodge bournemouth

We went back inside, a lovely lady on the desk offered us the use of some jump leads and Carlos one of the managers came and helped to push the car. Picture the scene at one point we had 4 members of staff helping us! 2 actually pushing our car up and down the road trying to jump start the engine! After 30 minutes we gave in and phoned for help. It was actually a flat battery and was sorted within minutes. During our wait we were invited back into the café, given more coffee and made to feel super welcome. You can imagine the surprise when we informed the staff that we were actually reviewing the hotel! So what can I say? Budget hotels are budget hotels. You won't find anything fancy at a Travelodge but what you will find are helpful, kind and polite staff. Staff who are wiling to help you, staff who enjoy their job and want to be there. And do you know what? I'd have this over frills any day! 



We were provided with 2 nights stay plus Breakfast at Travelodge Bournemouth only. All other meals. drinks and opinions are mine alone. 

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  1. Ive stayed at a few travellodge's and Ive quite liked them. Yeah the wifi situation sucks but also a great thing for spending time together :D Such a shame about your car. Charlotte x

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  2. I don't think I'd be too impressed with only 30 minutes free wifi either - these days you expect unlimited and free. Not so fussed about the water though - I'd just use the tap. I would like to explore Bournemouth and this sounds like a good value place to stay. Pity about the car.

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  3. So nice to have couple time isnt it! We are local too and have also had an escape to Bournemouth, despite it not being far way! Why waste time travelling when you have so much on your doorstep!

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  4. I actually really like Travelodge, I think they offer amazing value for money and I love that they have a good veggie breakfast. I wish they'd sort out the internet though, it really should be free. Happy Birthday, glad you had a lovely time if not a lie in ;)

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  5. We love Travelodge for airport stays, they are spot on when it comes to budget and proximity to amenities!xx

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  6. I have never heard of Beau Monde but it looks delicious - we will have to check it out ourselves. Sounds like a lovely stay and thank goodness for helpful staff running your car up and down the road

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  7. I like Travelodge because there is that ethos of you get what you pay for and anything extra always makes you feel good!

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  8. Oh what a nightmare about your car. I haven't been to a travel lodge since we had a really bad experience at one

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  9. Boo to the car not starting but sounds like a great trip overall. Travelodge are a great budget option that I've stayed in many times x

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  10. It is so important to make time to be together as a couple, sounds and looks like you had a fabulous weekend, I've always had an excellent night's sleep at Travelodge.

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  11. I can't believe you didn't get to enjoy a lie in on your childless weekend! But it sounds like you had a really enjoyable time, even with a little bit of car trouble thrown in.

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  12. How lovely to get some time to yourselves! Hope you had a lovely birthday. Travelodge is great value for money and I've always had great night's sleep there.

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  13. Glad you got the car sorted and what a nice break for the two of you! It's a real treat to have some time alone although we always miss the kids too!!

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  14. It sounds like you had an eventful stay! Nice sounding Travelodge though. x

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