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Review | Peter Pan Lighthouse

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There are a few key events in the Dewberry/Giltrow calender that signal Christmas is upon us.

  1. The arrival of Father Christmas at Broomhill – CHECK

  2. Father Christmas at Messy Church – CHECK

  3. School Nativity – CHECK

  4. Tree Up – CHECK

  5. Panto …....

We made our way off to Lighthouse Poole for our annual pre-Christmas Panto. We knew it was Peter Pan and we knew it starred Christopher Ellison (The Bill, Celebrity Big Brother 2015) as Captain Hook and Jamie Quinn (Bluestone 42) as Peter Pan. But this is no panto. Oh no it isn't! J M Barrie’s enchanting story is brought to life by Lighthouse in an original version of the timeless classic. Billed instead as a Magical Christmas Adventure or Christmas Show, although along the way I might have missed this and I was until Tuesday expecting to see a Panto.

Once seated you are immediately amazed by the superb set design. Which rotates, turns and effortlessly becomes a ship, the Darlings bedroom, a hidey hole for Lost Boys, it is pretty awesome! This is classic musical theatre and there is so much about it which is brilliant.


Photo Credit | Hattie Miles 

Jamie Quinn as Peter Pan is spellbinding and yes I wept a bit at the end when Mrs Darling was reunited with her babies. The child actors totally upstaged the adults and Megan is desperate to be involved, she has added be in a show to her ever growing list of things she must do! All 3 children and Daddy Moo were mesmerised and the constant chatter on the way home about Peter Pan and J M Barrie a lovely sound to be hold. There's something magical about shows based upon books, that draws the children in and wanting more. Both M&M have asked for copies of JM Barrie's Peter Pan for Christmas and anything that gets them excited in reading is a winner with me.


Photo Credit | Hattie Miles 

Peter Pan runs until Sunday 3rd January 2016, various times and tickets from £18. For further information and tickets 0844 406 8666

However there is something about Christmas and Panto's that go hand in hand like sprouts and in my house disgust! It was a bold move and one that was executed beautiful but I didn't leave feeling Christmassy. I missed the audience participation, slapstick comedy and the giggling faces of my children. Had I seen Peter Pan any other time of the year I'd be gushing, it truly was a spectacular production … it just wasn't Christmas for me.




We were provided with press passes in order to write this review, all opions are my own. 

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  1. Caroline

    We were so disappointed. Having attended the panto at the BIC on the Sunday which is a proper slapstick, 'he's behind you panto with a good old fashioned pantomime dame, we went with school to the Lighthouse the following Thursday. Last year Robin Hood was so good and was expecting the same. However, I wanted to get up and leave, it certainly wasn't a panto by any stretch of the imagination, no audience participation and came away thinking what a waste of time and money. The kids enjoyed it but it wasn't a panto. Boxing day we went to Tivoli in Wimborne and it was brilliant, lots of laughter and fun from the actors and the audience - just what a xmas panto should be like.

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  2. Jean

    For the last seventeen years our family has enjoyed pantomimes at the Lighthouse, Poole. As usual we purchased our tickets in July! We were all looking forward to "Peter Pan" but were most disappointed to discover that this was not a pantomime. We all like the theatre but if we book for a pantomime that is what we expect. Oh yes we do! We will certainly check out the next Christmas production beforehand.

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  3. Lynn fincham

    We attended the Peter pan panto, a small family group, as we do every year at poole lighthouse, full of excitement with our new nieces and nephews from Canada, so so sad was I, my promises of fun, shouting g "he's behind you", water pistols, thrown sweeties to audiences, excitement, slapstick, comedy .... there was non of this fun and frivolity, I left apologising to my family for a dull iempty production... no Xmas feelings and feeling very ripped off, if I wanted to see a school play I would have attended my daughter's school, and I would not have paid 180 pound fir the tickets, this evening was my gift to my family for Xmas, sadly it was not a good purchase, sorry lighthouse I will be checking before I purchase next year's ticket to see if the "New style" production will be taking place again, if it is we will not be supporting any more panto at poole lighthouse, very very disappointing :(

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  4. The kids went with school and were told it was a panto but they were not disappointed. They didn't like the cannon going off though

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  5. Oh thats really interesting to read, I was thinking about taking Elliot but I think he might be better suited to a traditional panto. Sounds lovely though, I think I'd like it anyway! x

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