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Marvel Kids Online Games | Review

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Charlie has never really been into superheroes choosing to spend his time engrossed in wizards, mythology and science. But this New Year we sat down together and watched Iron Man 3 … which of course has now made him want to watch 1&2! I think he'd quite enjoy the Avengers series too as I know he'd love Thor and the Hulk. (I'm a closet SHEILD fan, but shh don't tell anyone.)

Disney isn't just all about the girls in fact they have added Marvel to their repertoire alongside Star Wars, Charlie might even venture into Disney Store now without fear of being “princessed”. Disney also have a super child friendly website called Marvel Kids. Filled with online games, videos and fact pages for all your favourite superheroes and best of all it's FREE! If that wasn't enough there are downloadable activity sheets too! Any reason to have screen time (because his parents are mean!) and Charlie is on it, so reviewing this website was a mega chore!


Charlie :This website is awesome, because at the start its easy then it gets harder and harder. My favourite game is the Avengers vs the Gamma Monsters. It has dramatic music which is cool. We use the mouse to move the characters around. I think lots of people will want to play it because it's fun and you don't need to download it or mess around. I'm going to tell all my friends and see if they can beat my high score.

Marvel Kids is an interactive site for boys and girls aged 4 and over. There are lots of adverts dotted about but they didn't distract from Charlie's enjoyment, unlike me who kept hitting them with my fat fingers! It's jam packed with fun things to do and kept Charlie engaged and amused whilst he shouted information at me. We would recommend this to any Marvel fans.

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