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Lego, Lego, You're the best toy in the store

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Lego Lego

Lego, Lego, You're the Best Toy in the Store

(to the tune of Let it go from Frozen)


The Ninjago fight on the mountain tonight

In Heartlake City

A kingdom of Lego bricks

In Windsor, let's go see.

At Legoland you can drive a Lego car

Get your license, you superstar.

Go to Duplo Valley and have a swim

They have slides, giraffe and everything.

Dragons, Lego City, ride the train

Or a submarine.

Lego, Lego

Can't hold it back anymore

Lego, Lego

You're the best toy in the store! 

I can build

A rocket ship

Or an ice palace

How can I get all these pieces to fit!?


* waves * if you have survived our video (sorry) then you might realise that we are MASSIVE Lego fans … well seriously who isn't?! Charlie, Megan and I spent the morning writing this song and the video was rather badly put together when we realised last minute we did want to enter! We love Lego Daddy Moo even created a bird feeder for the garden.

daddy moo lego bird house

Charlie had the space shuttle on his Christmas list after seeing Tim Peake launch and yes one of the space men is called Tim and he wants to get a Principia sticker to put on the Lego spacesuit! We have always felt that after our visit in May for Olive's birthday we had so much more to explore! There were so many rides we didn't go on, food we didn't eat and we would make great Ambassadors. Although I can't promise we'd be able to recreate more Lego themed songs!



This is our entry for the Legoland Blogger Ambassadors 2016

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  1. Hahaha! Great post - very inventive. I am hoping to take PIckle to Legoland very soon. Good Luck! Kaz x

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  2. How creative are you?! Fabulous song - better than the original ;-) Good luck with your quest to become Lego Ambassadors - would be an awesome role!

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  3. Lego has always been a big feature in our lives too. We've not made it to Legoland yet, but hope to really soon

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  4. Lego is such a timeless toy that has entertained so many children over the years.

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  5. Haha great song! There really is something about Lego that all kids love I think - though we haven't been to Legoland yet either.

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  6. haha.. excellent! Who doesn't love LEGO (unless you've stepped on one!)

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  7. haha this is so good! I am going to have the tune in my head all afternoon though! :p we also have massive lego fans in this house!

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  8. Haha wipes away tears of laughter that did make me laugh I can guarantee I will be singing that later on!

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  9. Brilliant - now going to be singing that all night!

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