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Driving in the New Forest

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Driving is something I take for granted, everyday I drive the children to and from school, swimming, ballet. Everything we do requires a car and I don't ever think much about it. Until the car breaks down and then I cry like a baby! Living in a rural village where the bus' are once an hour is no fun with 3 children and NO CAR! I seriously couldn't be without my car so I try to take good care of it. Checking the oil, water, removing mouldy plums from the door frames (don't ask!) and of course the tyres.

Cars in the forest

We are perfectly located between Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton and Weymouth lots of coastal paths and New Forest trails meaning an adventure is always less than an hour away. Coastal and forest roads can cause havoc on your tyres as do Southern Electric who seem to be digging up most local roads! It's therefore important to regularly check your tyres, most supermarket garages have free tyre pressure checkers, which even I can do unsupervised. Low tyre pressure can cause irregular wear which can cause safety issues in accelerating, braking and even turning corners. Your tyre efficiency can also effect fuel economy by up to 35% especially if you have low pressure in your tyres looking after your tyres saves you money too! I usually take my Corsa to one of the Point S depot in Dorset their a friendly brunch and always happy to help.

Do you enjoy driving? Our beautiful surroundings can also be a god send on rainy days. Driving through the New Forest, checking out the ponies, eating ice-cream in the car. My only bug bear is that in the 15 years I've been driving I've always driven small cars which isn't always great when there are 5 of you! Arguing, moaning and exclaims of “are we there yet” drive me nuts! Would be so much easier if they could drive their own cars!


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