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Little Diggers at Wyevale Garden Centres

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Last week was National Nest Box Week and what better way to get some feathered friends in the garden than giving them somewhere warm to nest. Last year we made some nest boxes from milk cartons.

 wayfair banner 3

You can read about it on Wayfair UK's blog.

This year we have been inundated with birds. We even had a nuthatch visiting on a regular basis until it got a bit frosty. Hopefully he comes back soon. The secret to encouraging birds is to hang a variety of feed – fat balls, seeds, nuts and a bird bath which are all kept topped up on a regular basis.

wyevale garden centre

Wyevale operate 129 Garden Centres across the UK and they have been adding a whole host of activities to their repertoire! For the last 3 years we have visited our local John Brown's to see Father Christmas and last Easter did the Easter trail, so I was excited to see what they had to offer for Half Term.

We visited Andover, a Wyevale Garden Centre to get involved with their Little Diggers event on Friday. We had pre-booked a slot which is highly recommended as the activities fill up fast, to decorate bird boxes. The activity was well organised, each child was provided with a tray, paints, brushes, stickers and an apron.

bird houses

The children enjoyed decorating their boxes and I love seeing their unique individuality. Moo painted his black, green and brown to enable his to camouflage in the garden. Olive went for lots of stickers and colours to match her personality. Megan did really well considering she was painting left handed (she broke her collar bone and is right handed!).

 bird houses collage

Olive was covered in paint (surprise!) the toilets were the other side of the garden centre, which I did think was a bit odd they weren't located near the restaurant. After we enjoyed a lovely lunch (the children's picnic boxes were reduced if booked online with their bird boxes).

 lunch at wyevale

When we returned to the car I realised I had a flat tyre! Can you believe it! I have the whole kit in the car including brand new tyre and started to get it all out not having a single clue what to do! When a lovely gentleman came over and changed it for me! I was blown away by his generosity and kindness!

Wyevale Garden Centres have activities planned for Mother's Day and Breakfast with the Easter Bunny too coming up in the next few weeks.


We were provided with free activities for the children and lunch in return for a review (I paid for my own). 

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