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Postabloom Letterbox Flowers | Review

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I'm a massive fan of the Postsnap app since I met them a few years back at Lemur Link Up and they are Dorset based too! Sending cards and postcards via the app means I don't have to go out hunting the perfect card, get the children to sign it then post it the app does this all for me! I've even saved the kids signatures too! Postsnap have recently launched Postabloom an app which allows you to send flowers by post.

postabloom collage 

This is the Cloud 9 bouquet priced £23.98 inc. delivery

Now who doesn't enjoy receiving flowers! I buy flowers weekly (mostly from the supermarket) as I love having them on the table all year round. I love sending flowers to my mum too, but she works and it can be hard to make sure they get delivered when someone is home. But no worries now! With Postabloom you don't have to worry if the recipient is at home because they fit through the letterbox! The letterbox! I mean what will they think of next!! The current full range of letterbox flowers sent via Royal Mail 1-3 days are priced from £23.98 - £26.98 including delivery.


I'm happy to say I was a bit sceptical! But a box arrived on Friday, which fitted perfectly through the letter box. *insert amazed face*

 postabloom wrapped

Each individual steam had a protective cover on and the card had details of how to look after the flowers. The steams are really long too meaning they are more likely to fit a variety of vases. I'm no florist but the blooms are so lovely they didn't need much arranging.

Postabloom specifically hand-pick flowers that will travel well in a variety of colours and types. I am totally in love with mine!  It was also a geat excuse to get my snazzy camera out and practice close ups and creative shots! I've a lot to learn, but I'm having fun and that's the main thing! 

You still have time to treat your mum this Mother's Day with this 20% off promo code (first order only) CHARLIEMOOS and hey if you order before 3pm flowers will be dispatched the same day!!! 

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