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Horse Riding a New Adventure

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olive rides a horse

When Olive was 2 she started going to tiny tots ballet while Megan was in her lesson. She loved it and it meant that each week whilst we waited for Megan she got to dance instead of well waiting! I started to notice last year that dance didn't really hold her heart. After a trip to Farmer Palmers and then Adventure Wonderland where she rode a pony her love for horses became apparent. Followed by her Pony 4th Birthday party it was pretty clear Daddy needed to buy her a horse! In September alongside Megan she added tap to her repertoire in a last ditch attempt to rekindle her love of dance, but out of classes she gazed longingly at horse riding books and played with her horses (yup no Barbie's here just a shelf of horses!) and we finally gave in.

pony riding

Daddy Moo and I are well out of our comfort zone, neither having any idea when it comes to horses, horse riding, I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a little intimidated by horses full stop! So seeing your tiny 4 year old on top of a giant horse beaming from ear to ear is both discombobulating and an enormously proud moment! I never ever thought a child of mine would be asking for a riding hat for her 5th birthday!

We are quite hardy parents but there is nothing worse on a Saturday morning than getting up and having to walk about for an hour freezing while rain is drizzling down – not a pour down just that trickle which makes your hair go insane! Although she's having a ball this is also true for Olive. I was keen to get her some kind of outfit that she wouldn't get to hot/cold in, that was waterproof and all in one really. I notice that she was getting wet in places that coats didn't cover, then as if by magic Muddy Puddles came to the rescue. There All in One original was perfect and even had a hood that if necessary can fit over Olive's horse riding hat.

I let Olive pick the colour so of course she went for bright red to match her lipstick (don't ask!) at £28 it's a bargain. The sizes came in 3-4 or 5-6 I went for the later and Olive has ample room for growing. I'm sure she will be wearing this for a long while to come. Some of the key features are the sturdy zip with double storm-flap protection and adjustable underfoot stirrups with elasticated hem to stop their trousers riding up which is super important and really handy when riding a horse (and jumping in puddles!).

muddy puddles

Olive was so excited to receive her Muddy Puddle suit she insisted on new wellies and spent 2 days watching TV in it! If you are a horse loving type individual I'd love some advice/tips! Like I say Daddy Moo and I are at a complete loss! 

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