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9 quick costumes via your child's wardrobe! | World Book Day 2016

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Charlie does not like dressing up. Never has and I pretty much think he never will. So for us World Book Day is an uber pain! HOWEVER there are so many characters in books that actually do not require traditional costumes! Here are my 9 top costumes from the contents of your child's wardrobe!

world book day

  1. George from George's Marvellous Medicine : Jeans and a t-shirt plus a bottle labelled “marvellous medicine” and voilà done!

  2. Harry Potter : Think Deathly Hallows, having left Hogwarts and wondering the UK wearing jeans and a brown jacket. Add his distinctive scar, glasses and a wand and you have the perfect costume!

  3. Princess Grace : Megan is a big fan of the Princess DisGrace books and her costume this year is blue and white school dress, plaits and a crown! Easy!

  4. Greg : Who doesn't love a Wimpy Kid Diary! Greg is not one for an elaborate outfit, jeans and a t-shirt again!

  5. The Worst Witch : Dig out those Halloween costumes or a black dress and a paper cone witches hat and jobs and good en!

  6. Huckleberry Finn : Dungarees, chequered shirt and a straw hat (which you can then decorate for Easter Bonnets – BOOM! Nailing parenting right there!)

  7. Wendy, John or Michael : They fly off into the night wearing their pyjamas (and of course a Top Hat for John!), slippers and a dressing gown! You literally need the children to just brush their teeth in the morning! #winning

  8. Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks : Wrap your child up with a white sheet and toga has it! Chuck a couple of bangles on and make a crown from leaf shapes stapled together.

  9. Angelina Ballerina : Megan goes to ballet so last year she wore her uniform and I drew (with eyeliner) a mouse nose and used her hair to create ears!

angelina ballerina

So what are you waiting for!? You have World Book Day in the bag!

Of course not all children are so easily pleased and some are more inclined to desire a shop bought costume and hey that's fine. Regular readers will know Olive is horse crazy! When she spotted this amazing horse costume from Pretend to Bee she just had to have it! As soon as the parcel arrived she ripped it open put it on and that was that, only taking it off to eat dinner (in case she spilt any!) I even found her in bed this morning reading a book wearing it! The zip top design makes it easy for Olive to get in and out of and I like the way its not an all in one costume just the top. I love the little velcro tail and the plush fabric is so snuggly! At £14.95 it's such a reasonable price and fits 3-7 years. It's a great size, design and Olive took great care brushing the mane and tail before school this morning!!


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  1. What brilliant ideas, love Angelina Ballerina! POD dressed up as Maleficent at school a while back which went down well but they didn't seem to do World Book Day - very odd! She was a fairy at the weekend though so that made up for it. Hope you're good :)

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  2. Love the George from George's Marvellous Medicine so simple but none the less effective, I hadn't thought of looking at what we could work with and tend to buy costumes each year instead x

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  3. My youngest didn't want to dress up really but he did go as Percy Jackson which wasn't really any costume, I just had to make a lightening bolt and draw a trident tattoo on his arm!

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  4. I have one that hates dressing up and he went as George last year

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  5. Goes to show that a bit of imagination goes a long way!xx

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  6. I love the bunny pose its so very cute and adorable.

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  7. So many great ideas - I loved little Angelina Ballerina and could defo pull that one off when my Daughter starts school x

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  8. Love these short cut costumes. Our school doesn't do it thankfully though.

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  9. Fab ideas! My boys were a bit hopeless this year - the eldest wouldn't dress up at all, so he wore his own clothes and said he was the writer of his own autobiography!!

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  10. Love Olive's horse costume. Huckleberry Fin - that is a real blast from the past!

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  11. Ohh this is so useful for next year, thanks a lot, Mich x

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  12. We've done Georges Marvellous Medicine before, its a great book and a super easy but fun outfit, the easier the better, having said that some of the best characters are also the most simple.

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  13. The Worst Witch would be my choice for my little girl as that was my favourite book as a child and I even have a copy now!!

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  14. I have so much trouble with two of is already sorted, she's going as Elsa. The little man will not dress up at all and my eldest daughter always changes her mind at the last minute. I'm leaving the little man, no point in upsetting him, but for my daughter I'm thinking of The Stupid Looking Kid, aka Keith from Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, black trousers, white shirt and a recorder...easy!

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