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From trash to treasure the tale of an unloved cabinet.

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cabinet finished

Charlie like any small boy of 8 has collected a lot of “treasures” in those 8 short years. We recently upgraded his small bookcase to a larger one but he still needed a bit more space. Daddy Moo had an old cabinet he had inherited it was pretty ugly which he let Charlie and I loose on! Firstly I removed the weird wooden decoration on the top which sadly revealed 3 great big screws. Daddy Moo filed them down but the top still looked horrid.

before cabinet

Charlie began to sand down the wood which had quite a few layers of pink, white and cream paint on. We painted the cabinet with a chalk paint in grey and the hinges and handle I painted with black Rust-Oleum painters touch. All bits we already had in the cupboard.

cabinet making

The finished touches came when Charlie and I randomly found a pack of 4 animal sliver metal bottle tops £2.50 in the charity shop. We removed the cork and glued them over the top of the holes. Daddy Moo hung the cabinet on Charlie's wall so he can access his treasures from his high sleeper bed and they are out of the way of little girls *cough* called Olive *cough*.

 cabinet after

Charlie : I enjoyed painting it. I'm really proud of how good it looks.

I don't know about you but I think it looks fantastic!


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  1. What a great transformation. I like that colour. I also LOVE those bottle stoppers. Great find. Thanks for linking up to #MakingHome

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  2. I think it looks great - a real transformation! Well done!

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  3. Ah it's lovely well done! #makinghome

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  4. oh I love this. It looks fab. Well done lovely xx

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  5. What a lovely project to work on together. My boys have their special treasures on a high shelf too, nothing as special as this cabinet but a handy shelf full of tat with memories for them. I may just look out for an old cabinet for them to make into their own now. Well done to you and Charlie, it looks fab. thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

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  6. Well done your boy! That looks fantastic! He's better at DIY than I am...hehehe

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