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Designing T-Shirts with Spreadshirt | Reviews

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designing t-shirts

I don't generally buy the children clothing with characters on. I usually try and buy things that are little different/unusual as there is nothing worse than having the same outfits as your mates! Here's where companies like Spreadshirt can make a big difference. You can design, customise and personalise your t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags and phone accessories making you instantly able to stand out in a crowd.

The system is really easy to use and even Olive age 4 was able to design her t-shirt. Being horse crazy as soon as she spotted a horse head with full horse embed design she wanted it! She picked her own colours purple and pink of course and I helped her write her name. It literally took her a few minutes and she was over the moon! We opted for the Spreadshirt Premium kids t-shirt, which come is sizes 2,4,6 and 8 years. Although Olive is tiny and an age 4 would have been perfect my thrifty side wanted to make sure she got to wear it so I went for an age 6. It's a great length and a little big on the shoulders but she will grow into it. I can see in the next few months when Olive no longer needs her Muddy Puddles suit for horse riding that this t-shirt will be making an appearance! I'm sure Mr Chuckles will love it!

olive spreadshirt

Megan is 7 so I left her a bit more to her own devices. It won't surprise regular readers to see she choose a ballerina design. She was able to change the colour of certain parts too which she loved! I hadn't noticed until I'd ordered that the girls went for the same colours! Again I'd opted for the Spreadshirt Premium in an age 8 which is a great fit on Megan.

megan spreadshirt

Megan has taken to wearing a side bun or a regular bun everyday, we are into the 3rd week of this fashion trend! I'm getting quite good with the donut thing! 

Charlie took his design really serious! He spent ages choosing just the right space picture and font. Charlie wrote his name and then started moving it about the front of the shirt, until he decided to put “Charlie” on his arm sleeve in silver and “Giltrow” in gold on the back. Spreadshirt enables you to rotate the image of your shirt so you can see it from all 4 angles, which is awesome as Charlie then realised he wanted his name on both sleeves. May have been a catastrophe had it arrived like that he'd be forever going on about the empty sleeve! What 8 year old boy doesn't want a t-shirt perfectly designed for them, by them! The programme was so easy to use I didn't do anything but choose the size! I opted for thTeenager T-Shirt by American Apparel in an age 10 for Charlie and I will admit I was a little disappointed by the size. Charlie is nearly 9 but a small boy so normally age 8 would fit well, I had envisage an age 10 drowning him, but this shirt fits perfect if maybe a little short in the body. I'd urge you to buy the Spreadshirt Premium as the quality is better as is the price.

 space tshirt charlie

Although the t-shirts are quite pricey these 3 came to a total of £66 (delivery is £5.99) they are excellent quality. I've washed Olive's and the printing looks unaffected. They are a great special item that is totally unique to each child and would make a great gift for Christmas/Birthday. I'm sure once they grow out of them I'll be turning them into cushions or something!


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  1. A great idea to get the children involved in their wardrobe, my daughter would love this

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