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Bostik Blogger | Gardens and Mini Beasts

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bostik tray

This month's Bostik Bloggers theme is gardens and mini beasts, when the box arrived I knew Megan would be full of great ideas.  Megan frequently creates things for her fairy garden out of paper which as soon as it rains they disappear.  After a rummage in the shed I found a seed tray which I cleaned and popped some green and brown plasticine in.  I knew plasticine would work well for keeping lollypop sticks up and also act as great grass.  Using a baking tray filled with our pink gingham cupcake cases I separated all the sparkles, foam mini beasts and paper flowers into the cases.     

I pretty much left Megan to get on with it. She is really creative and is forever drawing in sketchbooks or turning boxes into fairy houses and animal homes. 

bostik megan

bostik collage

Megan made some flowers from pipe cleaners, a little nest and bird (isn't he cute!!) she also used lollipop sticks and Bostik glue to add flowers and leaves. She later put these on the plasticine so she was able to mould the plasticine and keep the flowers upright.  I love how Megan used a pipe cleaner to create a flying bee and a rock from the garden to place a ladybird on. So many cute ideas.  After Megan organised all the pieces in the tray she then filled the tray with green shredded paper and tissue paper, this covered the tray bottom and made it look like a proper garden. Can you see the adorable little pond too! 

bostik finished garden

The finished product which is sitting on the window sill in the sun. 



Disclaimer: We have been provided with these materials for the purpose of this post from Tots100/Bostik Bloggers 2016

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  1. Aaaaaa love this idea, definitely something my kids would enjoy creating!

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  2. My girls LOVE crafting! This would be a perfect activity for them. Megan's ideas are super cute!

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