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Interplay Pocket Microscope | Review

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interplay pocket microscope review

Sometimes when I suggest a walk in the forest the girls sigh a bit and say AGAIN!? But Charlie knows just how to peak their interest with his magic backpack filled with fun. He normally takes a couple of bug books and parts of the Interplay Bug Safari, the magnifying lens and field pot particularly, but now he has a pocket microscope to make nature that little bit more exciting!

avon heath interplay

Small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to make an ant look the size of an antelope, no really! This real microscope magnifies 30 times using precision optics. Basically you unfold the microscope and the light automatically illuminates the area in front of the lens. Not only does this kit come with sample slides but all you need to make your own slides too! Great for flowers and leaves in the Autumn.

So what do you get?

  • Illuminate pocket microscope

  • Sample slide with grasshopper body parts

  • Sample slide with textiles

  • 3 x blank microscope slides

  • 12 x transparent sample covers

  • 12 x labels for samples

  • 4 x storage jars for samples

  • Tweezers

  • Colour instruction booklet Ages 6+

(Batteries not included)

 interplay pocket microscope

As the Pocket Mircoscope (RRP: £9.99) works both indoors and outdoors specimens don't need to be mounted onto slides! Perfect for some trips round the forest! The sample jars are the perfect size for bullet ants and fit nicely in your pocket too!

When you get back home and want to sit being a “proper” scientist/biologist the colour manual gives you really helpful hints regarding how to get a close-up view of just about anything, and suggests some fascinating subject matter.

This is an excellent little product and great value for money. 

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