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The Churchill Lollipopper Fund

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Providing a safeguard around our schools

lollipop stop

When Charlie started pre-school back in October 2010, we were greeted by Peter our lovely Lollipop man. Peter has been aiding the Dewberry/Giltrow's to cross the road for 5 years now, from 2 toddlers running to pre-school to 3 small children at full time School. In the wind, snow, rain and occasional sunshine, Peter is always there wearing a big smile on his face. Throughout those 5 years there has been numerous plans to remove Peter for a cheaper option a Pelican Crossing. A Pelican Crossing is the one where drivers stop while people are stood at the crossing, it's not a Zebra crossing which is the one run by lights.

Peter is more than a lollipop man. He is more than just a guy that stands in the road with a stick and stops traffic. Peter knows every child and every parent. He is there to ensure those children on scooters wait patiently for their parents to round the corner. A Pelican Crossing can't make sure each child is with their parent or designated adult before crossing the road, Peter can. Peter is there when someone falls over. Peter picks up forgotten bags, coats, lunchboxes that have been dropped and takes them to lost property. Peter is a hero.



Peter is just one of 20,000 plus lollipop men and women who help keep our kids safe cross major roads in Great Britain, but every year the number dwindles and in some cases no suitable replacement is offered. 

Churchill want to help redress the balance and make this safeguard around our nation’s schools stronger than ever by giving funding to 50 schools to have their own Lollipopper.  

Key Lollipopper statistics :

  • 95 per cent of parents and 88 per cent of children (aged 5 – 11) feel safer knowing there is a Lollipopper present on their route to school
  • 91 per cent of parents see a Lollipopper as being safer than a zebra or pedestrian crossing
  • Following UK legislation in 2000 stating that lollipoppers were no longer a legal requirement for schools, an increasing number of the iconic lollipop men and women have been taken off the road in recent years. One-third (32 per cent) of parents went on to reveal that a lollipopper had recently been removed from their local area with a further 61 per cent stating no crossing alternative had been put in place.

If you need or are going to loose your school's Lollipop Person I fully encourage you to nominate your school too. A Lollipop Person is so much more than traffic stopper, they literally are our unsung heroes. Nominating couldn't be easier :  so what are you waiting for? 


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  1. This is such a shame to hear that they're cutting these important jobs. I don't think our local school has one at all but I do think they're more effective than zebra crossings. I nearly got knocked over pushing my buggy by someone speeding through a zebra crossing. So it's definitely safer for our kids to have a lollipop person as the roads are becoming more dangerous

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  2. I remember the lollypop lady back when I was at school, she used to give us sweets when it was our birthday and she was so lovely! I don't see them around at all now!

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  3. I used to love my Lollipop lady when I was a child, I would always stop and chat to her on the way to and from school and give her presents at Xmas. I think we have 5 primary schools in my town but I don't think we have even one lollipopper, you just don't see them anymore which is sad. This is a great campaign!

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  4. I'd never given them much thought if I'm honest, because we're not there yet. But I totally see how important that are and think they do a wonderful job.

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