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Harry Potter | Entering Number 4 Privet Drive

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Although this was our 3rd trip to The Making of Harry Potter, at Warner Bros Studios as avid fans it just doesn't fail to well quite frankly “stupefy”! For a limited time (literally limited!) Friday 27th May - Monday 6th June, Hogwarts fans have the opportunity to step inside Number 4, Privet Drive and peer into the Dursleys’ living room! I KNOW!!!! How amazing!!

privet drive

This forms part of the 15th anniversary celebrations of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone film release (WHAT! How did that happen!?) We were invited to be one of the first to enter the Dursleys’ family home and peek into the iconic living room. 100's of Harry Hogwarts letters created by MinaLima, the graphic designers behind all eight Harry Potter films, were suspended through the air as if flown through the fireplace. Sadly there is a barrier (and a guy stood there) but I would LOVE to have been in there!

charlie potter

Charlie so wanted a letter!! Sadly his name isn't Harry Potter! But he had a chance to pretend for a whole 30 seconds!

 dudleys award

We laughed a lot at Dudley's ridiculous certificates framed a long the wall, this being our most favourite!

 privet drive stairs

Other than the living room the rest of the house is SCAFFOLDING! Then it all hits you again … this is a film set!

I love how the team continuously move things around, highlighting various props and items. The Sorting Hat mounted on the stool in the Grand Hall, the Dursleys' costumes including Durdley's hideous jumper and watching the letters fly through a letterbox using a special machine specially created for the film. Oooo and not to forget the Black's tapestry! I've never seen it in the flesh before! It was super special!


Oh my I love Harry Potter, oh yes I do!!

Megan age 7 :

I love Harry Potter World every detail, especially the butter beer flavoured ice cream!!!

In the second room the pink dress that Hermione wears in The Goblet of Fire to the Yule Ball, I wish I could wear it. It is so beautiful!!!

megan harry potter

Charlie age 9 :

It was exciting. I liked Hogwarts castle and I really liked the house, I wish I could have jumped in and grabbed all the letters. If I was at Hogwarts I would have a pet owl. My favourite thing is the wands because I thought they were really interesting and I also liked the wand boxes at the end.

charlie wand

For further information about The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Bros Studio Tours see their website : or check them out on Facebook the photographs are amazing!

PS if you fancy holding a Harry Potter themed birthday party check out my Pinterest Board.

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  1. Looks like you had fun, we went for my daughters birthday last year and had a great time. I really love your blog design its really fab :)

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  2. We love the Harry Potter books and films. The studio tour is somewhere every fan must visit, I must see if we can plan a visit to see inside Privet Drive

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