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Decorative Garden Craft | Kids in the Garden

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Being the mother of 2 girls we like pretty things, however being the mother of a boy and 2 dirty girls we like gardening, getting messy and well just enjoying the outside. You might remember last year Charlie buried an old washing up bowl in a flowerbed to create a mini pond. Whilst clearing out some leaves a few weeks back we actually discovered not one but 3 frogs! Not sure how they all fitted in there! But it certainly made Charlie happy!


I decided to make a couple of pretty decorations to hang off our bird feeders with the girls. I'm not sure what to call them? Wind Socks? Fabric Chimes? It was such a simple things to do. Using Daddy Moo's trusty bonsai wire I made a circle and collected up ribbon, twine, pipe cleaners and some beads. I love raiding the craft cupboard and this craft is great for using up those odds and ends left over from other projects. 

wire socks

We threaded the beads onto some wire and I twisted those onto the circle plus another bit of wire as a hanger. Although the wire is super soft I wouldn't advice letting the children do this. You can add as many threaded beads as you like. After this I covered the wire in floral tape mainly to stop any sharp bits of wire touching the children, but also it looks nicer and I have loads left over from making flower hair garlands.

wire sock beads

We literally tied the ribbon etc … onto the wire circle. It is that easy! You can add as little or as much as you like! I'm quite tempted to add some bells on ribbon too! *jingle* They looks so pretty swaying gently in the breeze *sigh and then the rain hits*

decorative garden craft


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  1. Such a lovely idea! It makes it fun to making something for a purpose and great to be making the garden more appealing for children :)

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  2. Ah I have two girls who would love this going to give it ago! Thanks

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  3. Oh this look lovely. We loved making things like this when my children were little

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  4. This looks so clever, a great way to make an afternoon of crafting fun from odds around the house.

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  5. Great idea, lovely easy idea to make head garlands x

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