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Clownfish Poncho Towel | Review

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We have just come back from our first proper family holiday in Corfu. It was the first time the children have been on a plane and the first time we have taken all 3 abroad by ourselves (when we went to DisneyLand Paris we took Nanny C). We managed to all survive and had the best time ever!

olive poncho

When planning our holiday pools were a major factor. All 3 children love swimming and water slides; Aquis Sandy Beach has both of these plus 2 other quieter pools. The main pool where we spent a lot of our time housed the stage area too where the activities team did zumba, ping pong etc … so there was a great atmosphere with lots of music. We planted ourselves in the same spot so the children knew exactly where we would be if they ventured off without us (mainly Charlie who made some friends). This spot *cough* may have been situated right next to the pool bar but this was obviously so the girls had easy access to ice cream!

olive cannonball

Having perfected her cannonball Olive loved jumping in and out of the pool. Although the temperature was high, the water can feel a little chilly and constantly getting in and out she soon started to feel cold. But I needn't have worried as Olive was armed with a LittleLife Clownfish super-light poncho towel. The soft fibre fabric almost feels like shammy leather but softer and is amazingly absorbent! Drying up to 8 times faster than standard towels and it really did! I must admit I was TOTALLY amazed and a little gutted they don't come in Mummy sizes! Unlike the towels we had Olive's towel was always dry and therefore always warm when she popped it on.

The size states over 3 years and believe me there is plenty of room for growth, some of that is down to the popper sides! Which is a great idea, not only does it make the poncho towel easy to remove but provided a wearable outfit from the pool back to our hotel room.

Being in Corfu I spent A LOT of time applying and reapplying suncream – we got through 3.5 bottles in a week! The clownfish poncho also boasts a UPF 50+ rating which means harmful sun rays won't get through, keeping Olive's skin safe! At £17.99 it is well worth it. With Nanny C's hot tub and weekly swimming lessons it's going to be a well loved item!

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  1. The clownfish poncho looks fab and the added protection from the sun is always a winner. Hope you all had a fab time :) Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC hope to see you next week xx

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  2. What a fabulous poncho towel! Love the bright cloudfish colours. I use them for swimming lessons as try to dry as much of them as quickly as possible and make it fun! #MMBC

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