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#30DaysWild Nesting Box Visitors

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charlie birds hide

Charlie in his birds hide (you can just spot an RSPB Bird book and his comprehensive list of birds sighted in the garden this year!)

Something super exciting happened this half term (no not Megan spraining her ankle!) we discovered birds nesting in our Wayfair Beach Hut nesting boxes. We spent some time watching Mummy/Daddy bird, listening to the babies. Wondering when they would leave the nesting box. It was all very exciting! After a week the sound of chirping had vanished along with any baby birds! They had flown off into the wilderness without even popping out to say thanks for the bird box! I mean how very rude! Charlie even hid in a birds hide for an hour waiting!

After the summer Daddy Moo is going to bring the box down so we can inspect the nest. We also realise now that putting the nesting box up so high was great to deter George the wildlife munching cat but made it uber difficult to see anything! We have been looking at purchasing an endoscope camera that plugs into the iPad.

The thing about gardens is they are a work in progress. Ours is looking so much better than last year but there is still a lot of work to do. Being as Daddy Moo and I love being quirky and unique, as well as recycling you can be sure our garden is electic. There are some things in the garden that you need, but there is no reason for them to look boring. For example we had to cement a post into the flower bed to put up a washing line. It's a big ugly post, nobody wants to look at that.


First one is coming along nicely can you guess what it is? #makeityours @makeitrustoleum #garden #recycling #signs

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Using old wooden planks I made some arrows which I painted as signs depicting our favourite places, Hogwarts, Sherwood Forest and I'll be adding a Corfu one soon! Daddy Moo also added cute little bird temperature gauge from Abodent. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use the cast iron birdie, resting on an ornate bracket lets Charlie know what the temperature is each day. I've also started to wind some ivy round the bottom of the post too. Last year I had cut this right back as we were undecided about it's location in the garden but I think it will look awesome and make the post less well wooden looking!

chickadee perch

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I received both the Wayfair Nesting Boxes and Abodent Bird Thermometer as review pieces of the last 6 months. 

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