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Bostik Blogger | Jungle Theme

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bostik jungle

Megan has been talking about pop art at school, so when June's Bostik Bloggers box arrived with a canvas inside I knew I wanted to incorporate this genre. The theme was jungle, as we had lots of orange and yellow tissue paper and feathers we choose a lion as our starting point.

 lion template

The idea was to draw a lion head onto the canvas and spilt it between the two of us. We found a lion head that was symmetrical and we both liked which I printed out.

Megan coloured the back in with a HB pencil. I then drew over the lion so it transferred onto the canvas. This process is simple and effective and all the children were in awe!

lion collage bostik

I let Megan do her half of the canvas first. I knew she would be easily swayed by anything I did so giving her the blank canvas so to speak meant she was able to let her imagination run wild.  As Megan had gone with a 3D collage method I decided to use pencil crayons and layer up the colours to create a textured look.   

lion canvas

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I love the mixture of mediums.  It was great fun to work with Megan on a project too. 




Disclaimer: We have been provided with these materials for the purpose of this post from Tots100/Bostik Bloggers 2016

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