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Saving our holiday memories

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Whilst in Corfu we had a family photo shoot. We don't have many photos as a family of 5 nor to we have many of Daddy Moo and I so this was the perfect opportunity to get some, in the beautiful sunshine. I'm not the biggest fan of posed photos so I was pleased have my DSLR to take some more natural shots of the children. Whilst buying our photos we were offered a lovely handmade album made from leaves and recycled paper, but we'd already decided to buy the CD to use the images as we wish. I was a little sad, however it was short lived as during a shopping trip in the local town Daddy Moo found one for 3euros! Which at the time was about £2! Bargain!


Once we were home and I FINALLY decided which 20 images I wanted to print!! It was a tough job who knew my children were so gorgeous!!! I've used and worked with Truprint before and know the quality is excellent. It's a really easy to use website aswell. When I logged in imagine my delight to discover £3 worth of free prints in my account! There was also a special offer on canvas' so I got one of those too!

Using the Bostik glue spots from our #BostikBlogger box each print is now secure inside our Corfu album. In total it has cost me around £4 maybe less and we love it! We have become such a digital society, and yet we thrive on visual stimulation. Take some time to print your holiday images and create something special to remember those memories with, your children will thank you.



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  1. Jessica Slater

    I get stuck on photos too lol, great post!

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  2. I really need to get some of our images printed - I always forget and I'm not great with backing things up - really need to do that. Laura x

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  3. I love printing photos but I'm facing a huge problem on storage. All my planned DIY projects are still on hold. Hopefully, I'll get to work on it this month. I love the final output! xx

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  4. I cannot even remember when the last time was that I printed out a photo album or even a photo!

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  5. That's so lovely - I am a big fan of printing out photos and still have shelves of photo albums, even if they all started out as digital these days. I really need to make the effort to get more as a family, or at least a few with my daughter and I in, as 99% of the time I'm behind the camera...

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