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This month's Bostik Box arrived on Sports Day, meaning the Moo's were still fired up from competitive racing! After a rummage through M&M decided they wanted to make gold, silver and bronze medals with the hama beads, as it's quite fiddly we left Olive with the glue and she made a referee!

bostik july

To melt the hama beads they need ironing on a cool setting, making this an adult activity. Charlie also made a German flag, I forgot how much fun hama beads are. Until of course the children scampered and I was left to pick the tiny things up off the floor! *I may or may not have hovered up a few* *a lot* Now we had 3 medals we needed a race. After a warm up and a dinner filled with carbs the children rode their bikes to our local playing field.

medal making

They decided to have a running race from point a to b. Little did I know that the older two had conspired with each other to let Olive win. Sometimes, my kids amaze me! The sheer joy in her face when she realised she was the winner! You have to cherish these moments because they are always followed by arguing over playground equipment!

 running race

Of course we had a medal ceremony. Whereby they watched their imaginary home nation flags being hoisted and sang their national anthem. Hence Charlie and Megan looking off into the distance and Olive's singing face!

medal giving

I so love the summer evenings! Now if only the weather man can sort out a few more nights like this! 




Disclaimer: We have been provided with these materials for the purpose of this post from Tots100/Bostik Bloggers 2016

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