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5 ways to inject some colour into your garden.

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Regular readers will know that since we moved into our house last year we have been working really hard to develop the garden. To begin with we let Charlie develop a wildlife friendly garden with his bird feeders and washing up bowl pond. The rest of the garden was a bit of an overgrown mess and so very green! Daddy Moo cut back most of it. Initally we removed a few plants and left a few to see what happened. This summer we have removed even more bushes and make our garden look far more like our own. However we still seem to have so many green bushes and plants!


Here are 5 top ways to inject some much needed colour into your garden!

  1. Plants : Plants are obviously a great way to inject some colour into your garden. If you aren't blessed with flower beds then think of more imaginative ways to display them. Pots, hanging baskets, old wellies! The possibilities are endless. Just remember to ensure that you have holes and fill the bottom with rocks for drainage, that you water regularily and dead head to keep the flowers blooming all summer.

  2. Accessories : Look at adding fairy lights and lanterns, most are run by solar or candles meaning they not only look nice but are eco friendly! We have these cute little chinese style lanterns from LEDHut for under £5. You can also add bunting there is a great tutorial from Gerogina Giles on making no sew bunting with oil cloth which will last a lot longer than fabric.  

  3. Paint : We had a boring brown, sad looking shed at the bottom of the garden literally screaming for a makeover! I've been busy painting it shed to look like a beach hut and now I'm hooked! I shall definitely be looking at painting the rabbit hutch and run a brighter more friendlier colour! I'm so over brown!  shed wars

  4. Fences : Tradtionally you might paint your fence (maybe brown or another boring garden wood colour!) but I've discovered Colourfence. Stylish, durable fences made from colourbond steel are low maintence (doesn't need treating or painting) and the best bit they are available in a range of colours to compliment any garden.I am totally in love with the blue and white trellis trim would look gorgeous against my beach hut shed! As they work on a franchise basis they are availabe all over the UK.    blue w_ white trellis

  5. Flowering trees : Fruit bearing trees are really colourful, especially apple trees and what's better if you don't want to plant them in the ground you can go nuts painting the pots! There are some amazing ideas on pinterest for decorating plant pots. 

Is your garden bursting with colour? I'd love to hear your ideas as you know me I'm just nuts about the garden!! I'm even thinking about adding coloured sand to the kids sand box (which Daddy Moo built from bed slats and pond lining.) how cool would that be!

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