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Finding Dory with Specsavers

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 Oh look…!’ new Finding Dory kid’s glasses at Specsavers

findingdory olive glasses

Unless you have been living under a rock you can't fail to have noticed the plethora of Finding Dory merchandise hitting our shops. And who can blame them Finding Dory is an EPIC adventure so worth the wait!

I love Specsavers recently purchasing a pair of frames from there myself but the kids range is something special. Launched on Wednesday 20 July, the collection includes four different underwater-inspired frames so kids can channel their favourite fishy characters. (I just wish my head was a little smaller! I'd look awesome in the purple frames as modelled by Megan)

 findingdory megan glasses

Designed to ensure the best anatomical fit for young faces, the Finding Dory glasses are priced at £64 and free for under-16s with an NHS optical voucher. All come fitted with flex-hinges and scratch resistant lenses with a UV filter. Plus children can also choose an additional free pair of frames in the Specsavers’ kids get two free pairs offer. Yes you read that right TWO free pairs! Because we all know a) they will never be able to pick just one design and b) they are likely to lose, leave at school, break (delete as appropriate) at least one pair within 30 seconds *kids gotta love em*

findingdory olive and megan

We were invited to Disney HQ to watch a private screening of Finding Dory and check out the new frames. I took the girls with me who loved having their faces painted. You might remember when we visited last year to see the Frozen and Avengers frames and Charlie was hopeful that he might get some new frames. Well all his hard work and exercises paid off and his vision has improved dramatically meaning he no longer needs glasses. Olive however is currently under Bournemouth Eye Hospital for which looks like the same lazy muscle issue as Charlie and seeing/trying on these frames got her super excited about her next appointment!

findingdory olive

Specsavers suggest regular eye screenings from the age of 3 or 4. Megan hasn't had an eye test since the school nurse did one in Reception class but lucky for us the guys were on hand with The SchoolScreenerEZ. This is a piece of software that schools can download to carry out three-minute preliminary test of each child’s eyes. The screening includes a test for colour vision and can be used on children of all ages. Although everything looked good I've still booked her for a sight test. Regular testing is especially important for children under the age of 8, as any minor eye conditions such as lazy eyes and squints can still be corrected before a child turns 8.

findingdory sight test

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