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V-Cube Review

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We all have one. You know that child who can't keep their hands to themselves on long journeys. Wondering hands is a huge contributing factor to arguments in our car! This summer we have been on some long old car rides and a few trains, I don't think we'd have had survived them all without a V-Cube living in Charlie's backpack!

vcube backpack

So what is a V-Cube?

A V-Cube is a new generation cube type game system, the simple aim is to solve the puzzle and crack the enigma. The cubes come in various sizes, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and go all the way up to 10x10. V-Cube was invented by some very clever people in Greece and are perfect for restless hands and active minds, the mechanical cubic system rotates smoothly on three axes. What makes the V-Cube different to it's 80's counterpart is that it comes in the classic flat design or “pillow” which has rounded corners which Charlie loves. They are super tactile and you can't help but pick them up and play. Personally I think this a) contributes to the fact we've not cracked it! b) is due to that pillow design it fits so comfortably in your hands.

Aimed at 8-14 year olds this toy is perfect for Charlie (although big kids can try too – Daddy Moo failed miserably!) The V-Cube is also available in funky designs, such as illusions and flags. Being small, light and portable and they don't need any batteries makes them a great companion for travelling children.

v cube

What did Charlie think?

It's quite hard. I haven't managed to put it back together. When I got it out of the box I wanted to do it straight away, I wish I had paid more attention to how I mixed it up. It's good for keeping your hands busy in the car and on the train. If I keep practicing I might one day get the Guinness World Record for the fastest V-Cube! Or I might stick the spare stickers on and start again! ” (Cheeky!!! I don't think so!)

The definition of irony is clearly taking your V-Cube out of the box mixing it up for a day or two then watching How To Be Epic at Everything who show you a fool proof way to mix and fix in 20 moves!!

V-Cubes are priced between £8.50-£54 depending on size. I think these are great and would make awesome Stocking Fillers for those hard to buy adults and children this Christmas. (Sorry for mentioning the C word in August!)

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